Danao Adventure Park

Danao, Bohol

Danao Adventure Park also known as Eco, Educational, Extreme Adventure Tour. An adventure you don't want to miss located at the municipality of Danao in the beautiful province of Bohol, Philippines. The park is located at Barangay Magtangtang and around 72 km. away from Tagbilaran City, which is the capital of Bohol.

Danao Adventure Park News

  • The Plunge Canyon Swing Danao Bohol

    Canyon Swing benji jumping in Danao Adventure Park Bohol, Philippines.

    A great experience, recommended!

  • Danao Adventure Park At Bohol In Philippines

    Danao Adventure Park with E.A.T. Danao or Extreme/Eco/ Educational Adventure Tour, an ecotourism concept set up to benefit the Municipality of Danao, Bohol and its people. This is an LGU initiated and run facility with a huge nature park that used to be the base camp of the revered Boholano Hero Francisco Dagohoy who led the longest Philippine Revolutionary Movement.

    Please explore our website for additional information about an experience that will begin with a smile and be completed with fond memories that will last a lifetime.

  • The Plunge Bohol Philippines

    Boyfriend experience with The Plunge, Bohol, Philippines. 50-meter free fall from the top of the 200-meter high cliff. AWESOME!

  • Jen Takes The Plunge At Danao Adventure Park Bohol Philippines

    Jen takes "The Plunge" at Danao Adventure Park in Bohol, Philippines. Please check out our other videos, like and subscribe to be notified every time we upload a new video. Thanks!

  • Getting Intimate With My Beloved Bohol

    Getting Intimate With My Beloved Bohol

    "What do you love about Bohol?

    As a Boholana, what are the things that you most proud of?"

    Whether through Bohol pageants, conference, or even a normal conversation I frequently hear this.

    And over the time, I keep hearing a penny of other people's thoughts about this which usually goes like this,

    "Well, Bohol has so much to offer we have the most stunning beaches in the world, astonishing tourists spots and of course our very welcoming kind-hearted people."

    Everyone praises that answer but I wonder how well do we really know about our own province, Bohol.

    If you're going to ...

  • The Plunge In Danao Bohol Philippines

    The Plunge In Danao Bohol Philippines

    I often wondered how it would feel to have your breath literally taken away. We all have fears, and although I don't fear heights, I fear the idea of broken ropes and forgotten to attach cables and hooks. That's the reason why bungee jumping was the ideal activity to test my fear. So together with friends, I ventured out to take the plunge in Danao, Bohol, Philippines.

    When I went home, my sister and I decided to go for a small adventure trip. I convinced friends to join us too. When we arrived at the place, it was amazing. The place has a deep ravine between two cliffs with a river down be ...