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  • 10 Most Famous Travel Destinations In Philippines

    10 Most Famous Travel Destinations In Philippines

    Tourism is a major contributor in this archipelagic country, composed of more than 7,000 islands. Not only it is very rich in historical and cultural heritage, but it also has a striking biodiversity, which is the main attraction for the millions of tourists coming from all over the world each year. Let's take a closer look at these marvelous gems Philippines has to offer to our eyes!

    Carved into the mountains of Ifugao, these 2000-years-old terraces are regarded as the "eighth wonder of the world" by the locals. They're irrigated by an ancient system built by the a ...

  • Diving in Bohol

    Enjoying diving in Bohol

  • Our Bohol Trip

    Enjoying our trip in Alona Beach, Bohol.