Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Carmen, Bohol

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park is the latest eco-tourism adventure park situated in Carmen, Bohol. It can be reached in an hour and a half by riding a bus or van from DAO Terminal in Tagbilaran. The park offers thrilling adventure activities like hiking trails, tree top adventures and the famous "The Rush".

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park News

  • Bohol Philippines The Coolest Zipline In The World

    Bohol is a small Island next to Cebu in the Philippines. It's home to the Tarsiers, Chocolate hills and the coolest zipline in the world. It's a bicycle on a zipline, that's right. Oh and there's also a surfboard zipline to add to the wow factor. We absolutely loved Bohol and recommend it to anybody who is travelling to the Philippines. Just hire a motorbike and go explore, no need for tour guides.

  • Dive And Dine In Bohol

    Dive And Dine In Bohol

    Mention Bohol and Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, powdery beaches and Spanish-era churches come into mind. But beyond, or shall I say beneath, this popular tourism magnets, this beguiling island province is known to a select few for its awe-inspiring underwater world.

    Bohol has scores of amazing dive sites scattered in the towns of Loon, Anda, Bien Unido, Baclayon and Dauis, but it is in Balicasag island in Panglao that is the most frequented and considered the mecca of diving in the Visayas.

    The Department of Tourism (DOT)s Its More Fun in the Philippines TV ad proudly declares, We have the m ...

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    Amazing Bohol Tourist Spots Explore Bohol Island

    Bohol tourist spots. With so many to choose from it is hard to pack them all into one trip. Bohol Island is an amazing place for holiday. We loved every moment there and totally recommend it to anyone wanting to relax and recharge or party and adventure.

  • Chocolate Hills KTV

    The holiday experience at Bohol Philippines. A summer like experience on December.

  • Bohol Chocolate Hills Bicycle Zip Line Starfish Rescue TRIPPED Ep16

    Tripped finally arrives in South East Asia by kicking things off with a few weeks in Bohol Island, Philippines. Bohol is located just south of the city of Cebu. What's on the bucket list for Bohol? Chocolate Hills and plenty of beach time!

    Bohol Philippines is known best for being home to the Chocolate Hills. Over 1,500 brownish hills ripped straight from the screen of Super Mario World. Doesn't sound exciting? Totally understand. It's a bit tough to make hills sound thrilling, but these are easily the most interesting hills this planet has to offer.

    Additionally, there's plenty of isla ...

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    Chocolate hills adventure park, sky biking, mini zipline and first time riding a carabao featuring, Barukay the Carabao.