Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Carmen, Bohol

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park is the latest eco-tourism adventure park situated in Carmen, Bohol. It can be reached in an hour and a half by riding a bus or van from DAO Terminal in Tagbilaran. The park offers thrilling adventure activities like hiking trails, tree top adventures and the famous "The Rush".

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park News

  • The Amazing Adventures Of Bohol Island In The Philippines

    On this amazing adventure of Bohol I visited the chocolate hills and I used a ATV for the very first time driving to view point of chocolate Hills. later i went to visit tarsier followed by a river cruise on the Lobuc River Cruise. I also visited a place with snakes & later that evening I went to Firefly In Tagbilaran city.

  • Chocolate Hills Bohol Philippines

    Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines.

    The Cholocolate hills have been declared the country's third National Geological Monument.

    Three legends explain the formation of the Chocolate Hills.

    The first tells the story of two feuding giants who hurled rocks, boulders, and sand at each other. The fighting lasted for days, and exhausted the two giants. In their exhaustion, they forgot about their feud and became friends, but when they left they forgot to clean up the mess they had made during their battle, hence the Chocolate Hills.

    A more romantic legend tells of a giant named Arogo wh ...

  • ATV And Zipbike Ride Carmen Bohol Philippines 05-2k18

    One of my bucket list is to do the zipline bike ride. Finally i dit it. We enjoyed our time at Carmen . Atv ride was our first time , it was very fun. Pasensiya na the video is a bit shakey. Thanks for watching!!!

  • Beautiful Bohol The Philippines Best Islands

    According to Our Awesome Planet,Bohol is a destination one shouldn't miss! It truly is one of the Philippines' best islands. The food, beaches, rivers, mountains, hills--- everything!

  • Exciting Things To Do In Bohol This Summer

    Exciting Things To Do In Bohol This Summer

    Aside from Boracay, there are plenty of tourist destinations you might want to consider going to this summer. If you haven't explored Visayas yet, its time for you to see the dazzling island of Bohol, where a fun-filled vacation awaits you. With heaps of activities to choose from we're sure you'll never run out of things to enjoy in Bohol.

  • The Ultimate Guide To Bohol Tourist Spots

    The Ultimate Guide To Bohol Tourist Spots

    Bohol is an island province in Central Visayas. Bohol tourist spots are known for amazing geological formations, good beaches and coral reefs. It is a well-known tourist destination in the Philippines but still quiet enough to enjoy the place. So if youre looking for good beaches but dont want the chaos of the party islands like Boracay, then Bohol is for you. Bohol also offer a wide range of activities. From countryside tour to diving and other adrenaline-inducing activities, there are lots of choices of things to do in Bohol.