Cebu Strait and Islands

Loon, Bohol

Cebu Strait and Islands Wilderness Area comprises the Cebu Strait and several islands near the coastline of Bohol. Cebu Strait has been identified as a Key Biodiversity Area.

Cebu Strait and Islands Wilderness Area News

  • Pinoy Aquaman Makes Splash Anew In Cebu-Bohol Swim

    Pinoy Aquaman Makes Splash Anew In Cebu-Bohol Swim

    In preparation for his biggest swim in the English Channel next month, endurance swimmer and environment lawyer Ingemar ?Pinoy Aquaman? Macarine made waves anew after completing the 18.15-kilometer swim from Argao town in Cebu to Cabilao Island in Loon, Bohol Sunday afternoon.

    The feat was part of Macarine?s long swim training in preparation for the English Channel crossing next month, which would take from Dover in England to Callais in France covering a total distance of 33 kilometers.

    Macarine finished the pioneering route from Argao Port to Barangay Pantudlan, Cabilao Island in Loon ...

  • Coastal Law Enforcement Group Gets More Support

    With the participation of two more international environment conservation groups, the Coastal Law Enforcement Alliance Region-7 is optimistic that it can strengthen its goal to clear destructive and illegal fishing in Central Visayas.

    In a workshop earlier this year, member agencies of CLEAR-7 discussed the roles of each group, including their new partners, Rare and Oceana.

    Rare is a global conservation organization that helps locals adopt positive behaviors towards the environment, while Oceana is the largest international ocean conservation and advocacy organization that works to prote ...

  • Cebu and Bohol Fishers Protest vs Oil Exploration

    Leaders and members of local fisher folk groups in Cebu and Bohol provinces, in the Visayas Islands south of Luzon, are protesting oil exploration activities at Cebu Strait. The seismic survey covering 250 kms. are being done by virtue of a petroleum service contract covering parts of the East Visayan Basin awarded by the Department of Energy (DoE), July 18, 2005, to a consortium composed of Alcorn Gold Resources Corp., Petro Energy Resources Corp. and Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp.

    The oil exploration was granted a Certificate of Non-Coverage by the Department of Environment ...