Candijay News

  • Can-umantad Falls And Rice Terraces In Candijay Bohol

    Our trip to see Can-umantad Falls and Cadapdapan Rice Terraces in the municipality of Candijay, Bohol.

  • Can-umantad The Tallest Waterfall In Bohol

    Can-umantad Falls, located at Candijay, Bohol said to be the tallest waterfall in the province.

  • Can-Umantad Falls In Candijay Bohol

    Going to Can-Umantad Falls means you have sit and travel for about 224 kilometers if you are from Tagbilaran City and trust me. The bum ache, descending, ascending climb, and shaky knees is no joke at all! But... it's worth it though!

  • Canawa Cold Spring

    Canawa Cold Spring in Candijay Bohol. This is a part of our Canawa Cold Spring to Can-umantad Falls Traverse.

  • Canawa Cold Spring Discover Natures Best Of Candijay

    Canawa Cold Spring is another tourist destination that you shouldn't miss. This local tourist destination is located at Brgy. Canawa. It was named after the local term "cawa" which means a "pan" since it is a pan shaped cold spring.

    Local said that no one has ever reached the bottom of the spring and even the source of the water is still a mystery.A ccording to some professional divers, they have reached the bottom at 12 meters but that was just the first level, Canawa Cold Spring has several compartments of tunnels going deeper that no one has ever reached its floor.

    How to get their?

  • Kahayahay Sa Candijay

    Ninety two kilometers away from Tagbilaran City is the Municipality of Candijay, a rousing town abounded by nature's enchanting treasures. A potential favorite to nature lovers and adventurers alike, Candijay is certainly worthy of high commendations for the richness of its lands and waters.

    I've been to Candijay twice, both with the Divine Word Outdoors Club's aceptance climb. The first one was my batch's acceptance climb while this one is for batch 16 and 17's.

    While we followed the same trail and had the same itinerary, our stopover destinations are still as breathtaking as it was th ...