Candijay News

  • Underwhelming Hills

    Cora had to leave around the same time as us do that all worked out perfectly. Kelsey was being mardy so Bailey and I saw this as a good opportunity to rip her.

    We sent Cora off in her taxi to the airport then got in one for ourselves to the port to get the boat over to Bohol. We had pretty much smashed the timing and it was leaving in a few minutes.

    As we sat down a man hit his head on the tv screen at the front, this angered him so much he felt it was necessary to shout “son of a bitch” before turning around and punching the screen. It was a surreal few seconds.

    As always, they ...

  • ELAC Initiates Save Danajon Double Barri

    Harmful fishing methods are constantly employed by unscrupulous fishermen in catching fish along the rich Danajon Double Barrier Reefs (DDBR), participants learned this during the special meeting last week. The top three deleterious fishing methods are dynamite, liba-liba and use of fine mesh nets.

    The Environmental Legal Assistance Center, a non-government organization, has initiated what it called a round table discussion on sad state of the only double barrier reefs in Asia, the Danajon Double Barrier Reefs comprising four provinces.

    The discussion held at JJs Seafood Restaurant last ...

  • An Appeal To People Who Plant Trees

    It was quiet, very quiet. All around me, dark mahogany trees rose to the sky.

    I basked in the silence as I walked around and admired thick trunks and roots flowing like tiny rivers. The occasional patches of sunlight breaking through the canopy made the silent forest all the more magical.

    It was so beautiful that it was hard for me to imagine that this was not a forest made exclusively by nature. In fact, its name said it all — Bilar Manmade Forest.

    I have long since admired the forest and the hands that planted it. The two-kilometer forest was planted as part of a reforestation pro ...