Cambuhat River

Buenavista, Bohol

The Cambuhat River and Village Tour, located in Buenavista, Bohol, is an environment-friendly village enterprise owned and managed by the Cambuhat Enterprise Development and Fisheries Association. It showcases rustic village life and local management of river, estuarine and mangrove areas.

Enjoy paddling with a fisherman along a mangrove-lined river, watch demonstration of oyster fa ...

rming, visit villages to see the making of traditional handicrafts, and learn about local interpretation of the value of river management.

Cambuhat River and Village Tour News

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    7 Gorgeous Little-Known Ecotourist Spots In The Philippines

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    If you haven't yet heard of ecotourism, it's one of the hottest ways to travel where adventure and sustainability merge. Ecotourism Philippines defines it as a form of sustainable tourism by which natural and cultural heritage areas are preserved and protected through mutual efforts between the local community and its visitors.

    Cultural practices, environmental educat ...

  • Cambuhat River and Village Tour

    Cambuhat River and Village Tour

    The Cambuhat River and Village Tour is now the pride of the municipality of Buenavista. The town has bountiful natural resources that are now being tapped for eco-tourism pursuits. In Cambuhat, they have a wide and picturesque river lined with mangroves and nipa palms. Guests are treated to paddle boat rides on board native boats and go downstream, winding thru verdant mangrove and nipa palms.

    Guests are then led to the established oyster farm and a small visitor's center on the bank of the river. They will then be treated to a hearty lunch of oysters and other seafood. During the tour and ...

  • Bohol is your Oyster

    Bohol is your Oyster

    After rowing yourself to the destination, an outrigger canoe fitted for three greets you at the bottom of the bridge. Paddles are passed around. Slicing into the clear water, you then begin a 2km, half-hour encounter with a rehabilitated river that reflects clearly on the evolution of Buenavista, a town on the north-east end of Bohol.

    A large part of the tour brings guests up close and personal with an industry on the rise: oyster farming. "We started farming oysters in 1999," shares Dodong Aparece, a manager of the 50-strong Cambuhat Enterprise Development and Fisheries Association, a comm ...

  • Taking slow boat to profit from ecotours

    Taking slow boat to profit from ecotours

    A no-frills trip away from the frenzy of all-night beach parties, gelled bronze bodies, loud music, garish booths with tacky souvenirs and thick crowds jamming boats headed to already overdone river routes.

    This river tour beats them all.

    In Cambuhat, a tiny village of Buenavista town and a two-hour drive from Bohol's capital of Tagbilaran, residents are showing the way, and how unpretentious, no-glamour come-ons can attract a sizeable portion of the tourist crowd with no preferences for creature comforts like heavy-duty airconditioners, streamlined boats and hefty buffet lunches of past ...

  • Magic and realism in Bohol

    Magic and realism in Bohol

    I learned a few secrets while on a bus cruising through Bohol last weekend. One of them was the secret of the ube.

    For the Boholanos, who believe their ube to be the nation's best, the secret lies in an age-old fertility ritual. The ube must be planted by a woman under the light of a full moon. Yet not just any Kate Moss ingénue would do; the woman has to be endowed with, well, large breasts. This chest-blessed, chosen femme fatale must also plant the ube alone, unseen in the blanket of night, and she must be fully naked. As she does this, she chants, "Lumaki ka, lumaki ka kagaya nito!" Th ...

  • The Bohol CRM Showcase Tour Making CRM a Choice

    The Bohol CRM Showcase Tour Making CRM a Choice

    Bohol has long been known as the place where one finds the Chocolate Hills, a cluster of identical and perfectly formed mounds of earth, and the tarsier, the smallest monkey.

    Today, Bohol and the islands within its jurisdiction are gaining a new reputation as the place that holds some of the proven successes and most valuable lessons in coastal resource management (CRM) in the Philippines.

    These lessons are yours to learn if you join the Bohol CRM Showcase Tour, which will not only show you Bohol's captivating sights but also introduce you to the Boholanos, who are the bone and sinew of ...