Bingag Marine Sanctuary

Dauis, Bohol

In 2008 the marine sanctuary in barangay Bingag, Dauis, Bohol, with a size of 6.7 hectares, came out the best among the nine marine protected areas along Maribojoc Bay. The competition was the first ever in the province aimed at recognizing LGUs efforts in managing marine resources while promoting MPA as the effective and efficient strategy to restore and enhance biodiversity. In 2013 Bingag was o ...

ne of five fish sanctuaries in Bohol to get at least 20 brood stocks of giant Tridacna clams to enhance their biodiversity.

Bingag Marine Clam Sanctuary News

  • Virgin Snorkelling Experience

    Virgin Snorkelling Experience

    Back in PINR, we were welcomed by the Bingag Marine Sanctuary or Marine Protected Area (MPA) management team, who began their presentation with a prayer. I was immensely moved by the strong and deep respect they had for nature, the provider for their peoples. It heavily mirrored my own unwavering reverence of Mother Nature, so I felt myself warming up the people and their culture.

    As half of the group peeled off to swim in the waters of the Bingag MPA for their marine surveys, the rest of us strolled along tree-lined boulevards, a stone's throw from the sparkling sea, to the Cambagat cave i ...

  • From Seaweeds To Milkfish

    For years, they tried guso but failed. Perhaps because the current off the coastal waters in barangay Songculan in the municipality of Dauis, Bohol is very erratic. And worse, their guso farms were severely damaged by "ice-ice", which is often spoken as a disease but actually a symptom of growth stress characterized by the whitening of segments between branches.

    Guso is a local term for seaweed Eucheuma sp. It was from the project that they got a name for their organization, the Songculan Guso Farmers Association (SOGUFA).

    With this bad experience, the solid membership of 17 families, mo ...

  • The Lost Giant Clams At Lamanoc Point Return

    Generations have scoured the seas around here, looking for the clues which connect the presence of huge clams in the ritual sites of Lamanoc, and the absence of such out-sized clams in the nearby sea.

    These clams, believed to be special vessels used by early pre-historic Boholanos in their offerings to the spirits, could be easily sourced out from nearby, but they have disappeared in time.

    Over harvested to near extinction in the following centuries, these giant clams were on their way to being seen only in books by the new generations, until the provincial government of Bohol decided to ...

  • Giant Clams Serve As Magnet For Fish In Bohol

    Giant Clams Serve As Magnet For Fish In Bohol

    The Bohol provincial government has reported an increase in fish density in the province's seawaters, just three months after giant clams were seeded in four marine protected areas (MPAs).

    Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto said findings showed that the giant clams worked like magnets in attracting more fish in the MPAs since these were seeded in February.

    More than three months later, findings showed a 53.23-percent increase in fish density, or the number of fish in a particular area, in the MPAs in Barangay Bingag, Dauis.

    Mario Marababol, Cebu-based marine biologist, said the numbers are an in ...

  • Mga Giant Clam Na Inilagay Sa Marine Sanctuary Nakatulong Agad Sa Pagyabong Ng Marine Eco-system

    Pagpapahalaga sa Giant Clam or Taklobo sa Bohol.

  • Taclobo a Magnet For Fish In Bohol

    Romeo Pogoso considers the presence of 20 giant clams in their coastal village in Dauis town in Bohol "a big risk."

    This meant that residents must now double their efforts to protect the "taclobo" in their Marine Protective Area (MPA) in Barangay Bingag, according to the village chair.

    Thieves can sell the clams at P4,000 each, Pogoso said.

    But it is one risk the community is willing to take, he said, because the marine creatures can help address the dwindling fish catch in the province.

    Bingag, 30 minutes by car from the capital city of Tagbilaran, is one of the beneficiaries of t ...