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  • NTG Pangas Falls Pwedeng Puntahan Ng Mga

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  • 5 Days Cebu-Bohol Itinerary

    Another early morning trip for us. We woke up around 4:00 AM to catch the earliest ferry trip going to Bohol. This was also Von and Mich departure back to Manila.

    We took a cab going to Pier 1 of Cebu Port. Here, you can choose from the following shipping companies : Super Cat, Ocean Jet, Kinswell, Starcraft .They also have different promos you can avail.

    We chose Ocean Jet and got a roundtrip fare so that we can discount a ₱100 pesos. On a regular rate, 1 way from cebu-bohol cost ₱500.00 for aircon seats but if you buy a round trip ticket it will be discounted. You just nee ...

  • An Appeal To People Who Plant Trees

    It was quiet, very quiet. All around me, dark mahogany trees rose to the sky.

    I basked in the silence as I walked around and admired thick trunks and roots flowing like tiny rivers. The occasional patches of sunlight breaking through the canopy made the silent forest all the more magical.

    It was so beautiful that it was hard for me to imagine that this was not a forest made exclusively by nature. In fact, its name said it all — Bilar Manmade Forest.

    I have long since admired the forest and the hands that planted it. The two-kilometer forest was planted as part of a reforestation pro ...

  • Adventure Simply Butterflies Conservatio

    The butterfly is the most special insect among the many wonderful insects of this world. Several songs were composed with titles and lyrics related to it, it’s a favorite example in presentations with topics depicting transformation and how people can rise up to challenges like it does, and we’ll also find lots of pictures of it in stamps, trademarks, logos, etc. more than any other insect.

    The Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is a nice place to drop by after visiting the Chocolate Hills. According to their website, there are about 300 species of butterflies found in Bohol and ove ...