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  • Duterte Eyes Total Log Ban

    Duterte Eyes Total Log Ban

    President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered his Cabinet to study the possibility of imposing a total log ban to protect the country's watersheds.

    Duterte ordered the formation of a tripartite "convergence committee" to be composed of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture and Department of the Interior and Local Government, according to Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella.

    Abella said the order was made during Tuesday's Joint Climate Change Commission (CCC) En Banc and Advisory Board Meeting.

    On Facebook, Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol sai ...

  • Government Tree Planting For Biodiversity Or For Commercial Viability

    The Philippines 30 million hectares of land is divided into 15.8 million has. or 53 % for forestland or timberland areas and 14.2 million has. or 47% for alienable and disposable lands. Our forest according to DENR, including artificial "forests" for production, 23% is left. But our original or primary forest, where native trees grow, only 3% is left. And part of our timberland areas, no timber in sight.

    The Aquino Administration by virtue of Executive Order No. 26 issued on Feb. 24, 2011 establishing the National Greening Program (NGP), a massive forest rehabilitation program. It seeks to ...

  • A Visit To Bohol Butterfly Sanctuary

    A Visit To Bohol Butterfly Sanctuary

    We head straight to Bohol Butterfly Sanctuary right after the quick photo op at Loboc's Man-made forest. It's been years since I last visited a butterfly garden. My last visit was back when I was still in 5th grade. That's about a decade ago!

    Upon entering the Bohol Butterfly Sanctuary, you'll pass by these frames of preserved butterfly remains. Your guide will accompany you throughout the visit and they will explain different terminologies, and things about how butterflies live. There are a ton of frames of preserved butterflies but I chose to only upload a few. Our guide even showed as a ...

  • Loboc Man-made Forest In Bohol

    Loboc Man-made Forest In Bohol

    Yup, you read that right, it's Loboc Man-made Forest. Yes, it's man-made! Well, it's not practically a vacant 2-km lot where the locals decided to plant Mahogany trees on a whim. Apparently, there used to be a naturally grown forest but most trees were lost because of the widespread kaingin in the area.

    The locals however made reforestation efforts more than 50years ago. They started planting mahogany trees and sort of revive the then balding forests of Bilar and Loboc. The now called Bilar / Loboc Man-made Forest stretches for about two kilometers in the borders of Bilar Town and Loboc Tow ...

  • Man-made Forest Of Bilar And Loboc Bohol

    Man-made Forest Of Bilar And Loboc Bohol

    It was as though the surrounding landscape morphed from farmlands to forests in an instant, as though our vehicle drove through a portal into a parallel universe. We pulled over and our driver-cum-tour guide dragged us back to reality. "This is the manmade forest," he announced.

    The manmade forest is a 2-kilometer stretch of mahogany trees that carpet the sloping ground where the municipality of Loboc meets Bilar. Travelers going to the Chocolate Hills from Loboc will not miss this.

    We traipsed along the road under the canopy of a lush mahogany forest whose branches curved overhead. I co ...

  • Pangas Water Falls In Bilar Bohol

    Beautiful Pangas Water Falls in Bilar Bohol.