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  • Pamilacan Island Can Now Enjoy Electricity

    Pamilacan Island Can Now Enjoy Electricity

    Internet connects every single continent and island in the world. But how can everyone connect through the Internet without electricity?

    Alicia Dumaran, a 47-year-old housewife living in Pamilacan Island, Bohol, now has the opportunity to enjoy and experience electrical appliances the whole day.

    Through WeGen Distributed Energy Philippines, Pamilacan now has electricity to use.

    "Napakalaking tulong para sa aming mga mamamayan ng isla na magkaroon ng kuryente dito. Maraming oportunidad ang magbubukas para sa amin," Dumaran told

    Back then, the island only experienced el ...

  • Amazing Island In The Philippines

    Pamilacan Island Bohol, Philippines.

    Pamilacan is an island in the Bohol Sea, situated 12.5 kilometres south of Bohol island.

  • Diving In Pamilacan And Balicasag Islands Philippines

    Diving in December 2016 with the incredible Cuco from the Buzzz Dive Shop (

    Cuco is responsible for all the footage, we just edited the video.

  • Pamilacan Areal Impressions

    The beautiful Pamilacan Island aerial view located in Baclayon, Bohol.

  • Bohol Still A Treasure

    Bohol Still A Treasure

    It will soon be three years since the intensity 7.2 earthquake left the province of Bohol in ruins.

    Many of its historic churches were heavily damaged in the Oct. 15, 2013 tremor, but these houses of faith have not completely lost their allure as tourist destinations in Bohol, with groups of tourists visiting daily. Temporary chapels have been built beside some of the damaged churches, such as the Loboc Church or the San Pedro Apostol Parish Church.

    The Museum Gift Shop at the La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church, or the Baclayon Church, continues to draw visitors who ...

  • Dolphin Watching In Bohol

    Dolphin Watching In Bohol

    An encounter with dolphins has always been on my wishlist since I was a child. Who can resist their cuteness though? Well, I cannot.

    It was my first time to encounter dolphins happily swimming where they truly belong which makes it so exciting. I have been to a marine park where we watch dolphins doing tricks. I felt really bad for some of them who are being held captive at marine parks for peoples entertainment, to say "ohh" and "ahh". I truly do not support this kind of human act. It's really depressing and makes me sick. There has also been some controversies regarding the large number o ...