Baclayon Church

Baclayon, Bohol

La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church, also The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Parish Church, commonly known as Baclayon Church, is a Roman Catholic Church in the municipality of Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines within the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tagbilaran.

Baclayon was founded by the Jesuit priest Juan de Torres and Gabriel Sánchez i ...

n 1596, and became the oldest Christian settlement in Bohol. It was elevated as a parish in 1717 and the present coral stone church was completed in 1727. The Augustinian Recollects succeeded the Jesuits in 1768 and heavily renovated the church since then.

Baclayon Church News

  • Bohol Still A Treasure

    Bohol Still A Treasure

    It will soon be three years since the intensity 7.2 earthquake left the province of Bohol in ruins.

    Many of its historic churches were heavily damaged in the Oct. 15, 2013 tremor, but these houses of faith have not completely lost their allure as tourist destinations in Bohol, with groups of tourists visiting daily. Temporary chapels have been built beside some of the damaged churches, such as the Loboc Church or the San Pedro Apostol Parish Church.

    The Museum Gift Shop at the La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church, or the Baclayon Church, continues to draw visitors who ...

  • Cebu Bohol 2016 Day 2 Bohol

    Cebu Bohol 2016 Day 2 Bohol

    We took the OceanJet's 8am schedule. It was a 2-hour ferry ride from Cebu to Tagbilaran. The ticket costs 800 each pax /way. Fortunately, we were able to avail their Libre-Balik promo, so our ticket for the next day trip back to Cebu is FREE! yippee. There is a minimal fee if you want your baggage checked-in, though.

    The van we rented picked us from the port upon our arrival. It is a must to rent a car or van for your tour in Bohol. Tourist spots are kinda far from each other and I am not sure if there is a way to commute there. Should there be any, I still suggest you get a van. Below ar ...

  • Day-Touring Bohol Chocolate Hills Tarsier Loboc And More

    Day-Touring Bohol Chocolate Hills Tarsier Loboc And More

    I had 3 flights to Bohol that all got cancelled for various reasons ??" budget, leave not approved, and that earthquake. Finally in between the Christmas and New Year holidays of 2015, I hopped on a plane by myself and headed to Tagbilaran. But actually, Mary was already waiting for me there since she spent Christmas with her family in Bohol.

    It was only for the weekend as work decided not to free me up for the tax season (a trainer has perks and responsibilities, you know). So we had to stay one night in Panglao, and another in Tagbilaran itself to meet her mother.

    The resort we found ( ...

  • DIY Bohol Travel Guide

    DIY Bohol Travel Guide

    12 Best things to see in Bohol

    Maayong pag-abot sa Bohol! One of the most attractive cities in the Philippines, Bohol is one rich, green countryside escape which attracts hordes of travelers for its world- famous Chocolate hills, picturesque natural scenery and unique species such as tarsier and python.

    It can be easily visited by ferry from Cebu for a cost of 400php one way. But today, it's even more accessible with the opening of its own airport. Dozens of habal-habal drivers offer whole-day tour to visit 12 sites of Bohol for a price of not more than 800 pesos for two. These are the ...

  • Bohol Countryside Tour Everything In One Day

    Bohol Countryside Tour Everything In One Day

    Bohol is considered as one of the largest island of the Philippines and is located in the Central Visayas region. It is a no brainer that Bohol holds some of the scenic spots of the country. Bohol for me is such a sleepy place. Bohol is still under developed when compared to other neighbouring cities. We wanted to have a quick getaway to Bohol. This blog will be featuring a Bohol country-side tour that can be done in a day.

    After an adventurous interaction with the whale sharks in Oslob we were off again to another city. Since we were in Southern Cebu, and getting back to main city of Cebu ...

  • Beauty Of Century-old Ruins Bohol Churches Almost 3 Years After The Quake

    Beauty Of Century-old Ruins Bohol Churches Almost 3 Years After The Quake

    In the morning of Oct. 15, 2013, a formidable quake struck Central Visayas, killing dozens of people and destroying some of the most iconic structures across the region. Even the century-old churches of Bohol were not spared by Mother Nature's force.

    Around 25 of the historical churches in Bohol were damaged, including Baclayon, Dauis, Dimiao, Loay, Loboc, Loon and Maribojoc, which are the country's National Cultural Treasures (NCT). The incident left everyone asking ??" what will happen to Bohol's tourism? But as what Gov. Edgardo Chatto said, "When God closes the door, he opens the window ...