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  • A Visit To Bohol Mag-Aso Falls

    A visit to the stunning Mag-Aso Falls located in Antequera, Bohol.

  • Mag-aso Falls Dinarayo Na Ng Mga Turista

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  • Inambacan Cave And Spring In Bohol

    Inambacan Cave And Spring In Bohol

    Located at Villa Aurora, Antequera, Bohol a few kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, is a place that cater another venue for those who wants a new adventure.

    Aside from white beaches, Bohol is endowed with these amazing form of water.

    There is a small cave near the spring where some native wash their clothes. Some also take their bath near the cave.

    About the Place

    As of writing, there is no entrance fee since it is considered to be a public place. There are some cottages situated in the side of the spring. Accordingly, the owner of the land purposely created the cottages because ...

  • Offbeat Bohol Adventure 3D-2N Itinerary Expenses And Tips

    Offbeat Bohol Adventure 3D-2N Itinerary Expenses And Tips

    Go beyond the usual Bohol itinerary and experience the fun and adventure that await in the suburbs of Tagbilaran, Panglao, Carmen, Loboc, Baclayon or even Cabilao. Because there's more in Bohol than the beautiful Chocolate Hills, or the iconic Tarsiers, or the centuries-old churches, or even the known white sand beaches, vivid dive sites and wondrous caves that are mostly concentrated southeast of the island.

    Ever been to the waterfalls Antequera, Jagna or Dimiao? Seen the highest cascade and the panoramic rice terraces of Candijay? Basked in the fine white sand beaches of Anda? Or dived in ...

  • Mag-Aso Falls Adventure

    Mag-Aso Falls Adventure in Antequera, Bohol.

  • Mag Aso Falls In Antequera Bohol

    Mag Aso Falls In Antequera Bohol

    Mag-aso Falls is one of the natural treasures of Bohol, Philippines. Behold for yourself the magnificent twin falls, often obscured by fine mist that appears smoke-like. Thus, Mag-aso falls got its name. "Aso", in the local dialect means "smoke". With a height of 25 feet, the twin falls is picturesque against a backdrop of tall trees, wild plants including giant ferns, and deep ravines.

    It is located 20 Km from Tabilaran City in the town of Antequera and roughly a half an hour ride away. Antequera is an inland town located in the western part of Bohol, Philippines and consists of 21 Baranga ...