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  • Cabagnow Cave Pool Outing In Anda Bohol Philippines

    Augustin's Bar and company visit the Cabagnow Cave Pool located in Anda, Bohol, Philippines.

  • Combento Cave In Anda Bohol

    Anda is well known for its stretches of white beaches, other than that it also thrills tourists through its caves.

    Combento Cave is one of the 6 caves that offers a cold pool in it.

    The 10php entrance fee is very worth it because of the beautiful view and cool pools.

    Yes! You read it right, pools! There are three cave openings which offers three cold pools which are connected underground.

  • Cabagnow Cave Pool Anda Bohol Philippines

    Cabagnow Cave Pool in Anda, Bohol, Philippines. Hope you'll also visit this wonderful place soon.

  • Lamanoc Island Bohols Mystical Cradle Of Civilization

    Get to know why it's called as the cradle of civilization of Bohol.

    Anda, a fifth class municipality of Bohol Province, is a small peninsula found at the eastern tip of the island facing the Mindanao Region.

    This rustic town offers lots of must-visit tourist spots, one of which is the Lamanoc Island located in Sitio Dapanas, Barangay Badiang, Anda, Bohol.

    Lamanoc is regarded as a mystical island and also dubbed as the "cradle of civilization" of the province. By exploring the island, you'll be able to understand why it is called as such.

    Visitors can either travel on foot when low ...

  • Country Living In Guindulman Bohol

    Before anything else, shout out to James and Jean Figues for letting us stayed in their house last weekend. On behalf of the Budgetarians, THANK YOU! 😉 Okay, here we go.

    This trip was already set when we were at Davao few weeks back. However, it was postponed due to conflicts of schedule. The only plan was to visit beaches and cave pool located in Anda while spending overnight at Jean's house located in Guindulman, a 30 minute drive away from Anda.

    I've been to Anda de Boracay few years back, which is one of the resorts in town known for its fine white sand beaches, but the main ...

  • Cliff Diving At Cabagnow Cave Pool

    Anda, Bohol is widely known for its pristine white sand beaches that competes with the more famous Panglao beaches. However, Anda has a lot more to offer than just beaches. There is Lamanoc Island where you can find several remains of wooden boat coffins and prehistoric graffiti on cave wall. There are also many caves for thrill seekers to try on. And then there's Cabagnow Cave Pool.

    Cabagnow Cave Pool is located near the town proper, a 1km away from the main highway. There is no other sign going to the cave pool aside from the post at the highway so it is better to ask the locals for the e ...