Alona Beach

Panglao, Bohol

The Alona Beach is located on the Panglao island, Philippines. It is situated around 20 kilometers from Tagbilaran.

It is one of the most famous tourist spots in the Bohol province, because of its white sand and the rocky cliffs surrounding it. The beach is located near a "house" reef, where corals and colorful fishes can be seen even without diving equipment. It is a popular snorke ...

ling spot because of the diving spots deep under the beach. It is also emerging as a popular scuba diving spot.

Alona Beach News

  • Alona Beach Panglao Bohol By Drone DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    Quick drone footage from our last vacation in Bohol, Philippines. We stayed at Hennan Resort on Alona Beach for 3 nights. Had a great time and can't wait to go back.

  • Philippines Bohol Alona Beach At Night

    Today I show you Bohol's beautiful Alona Beach, day and night on our first day in the Philippines. The fun has only just begun!

  • Bohol Philippines Sights And Sounds

    Took a jungle river cruise, visited Chocolate Hills, saw Tarsiers, Whale Sharks, Jackfish, went on a zipline and stayed at Alona Beach.

  • Beach Hopping In Panglao Alona Beach And Dumaluan Beach, Bohol Bee Farm

    Beach Hopping In Panglao Alona Beach And Dumaluan Beach, Bohol Bee Farm

    We went to Bohol for three reason ??" to relax at BE GrandResort, to tour the island and to just stay under the sun at the Beach. There are numerous beaches in Bohol especially in Panglao Island. A quick walk from Be Grand Resort is the Alona Beach and 10 minutes habal habal (motorcycle) ride from Alona is the more serene Dumaluan Beach.

    On our second day in Bohol we decided to do DIY in Panglao for the beaches. After having a sumptuous breakfast at Be Grand Resort we emerge on the rocks down to Alona Beach. We walk on the stretch of the white sand beach adoring the blue and sparkling water ...

  • Bohol In A Day 7 Things To Do

    1. Alona Beach
    Review: highly recommend, clean beach with crystal clear waters
    Price: Free
    Getting there: Jeepney from Tagbilaran (25 PHP)

    2. Man Made Forest
    Review: worth an Instagram photo but nothing too exciting
    Price: Free
    Getting there: scooter, driver or tour

    3. Chocolate Hills
    Review: highly recommend, a site to be seen
    Price: 50 PHP
    Getting there: scooter, driver or tour

    4. Tarsier Sanctuary
    Review: highly recommend going to see these adorable tiny creatures
    Price: 50 PHP
    Getting there: scooter, driver or tour

    5. Floating Restaurant
    Review: recommend for the e ...

  • Bohol Escapade

    Bohol Escapade

    It all started with just a normal conversation, "Tara punta tayong Bohol." Then, there I was looking for a promo fare and impulsively booked a trip to Bohol for three (Me, Carla, and Ken). Since were on a budget we're doing a DIY trip (as always); there's a lot of things to do in Bohol but since we're just staying for a short period of time we just did what we can to maximize our stay and here's what we did on our Bohol trip.

    Day 1 ??" Bohol City Tour and Alona Beach Strolling

    Call time was 3 AM for our 8 AM departure from NAIA (OA talaga sa aga, ayoko matraffic); from Bulacan to Pasay; ...