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  • Green Turtle Off Balicasag Island Bohol

    Amazing dive off Balicasag Island, close up of Green Turtle.

  • The Bats Of Tubigon

    Tubigon is the northern gateway to Bohol. The place is the usual stop for refueling among inland travelers, for visitors to get directions before going further on their Bohol trip, as well as for out-of-towners to shop for locally produced products to bring home as “pasalubong” on their way out via the Tubigon port.

    For a long time, however, Tubigon failed to lure a good volume of tourists or to make the few that came every now and then stay longer in the area. Until the local government realized that it was the lack of attractive tourism brands and packages that was keeping tourists aw ...

  • Bohols Gateway Is Also a Beautiful Green

    “Ang Tubigon agianan lang (Tubigon is just an entry way),” mused Virgilio Fortich, the vice mayor of Tubigon, Bohol during the soft launch of the municipality’s ecotourism project.

    Come to think of it, during my last two visits in Bohol, Tubigon was my entry point before pushing to Panglao for its beach and Sagbayan, the epicenter of the 7.2 earthquake last year. For others, Tubigon is a convenient entrance to Chocolate Hills, Loboc River, Eat Danao, tarsiers, and other destinations of which Bohol are known for.

    Somehow, Tubigon offered no reason for a traveler to stay for a night ...