Abatan River Cruise

Cortes, Bohol

The Abatan River Village Tour takes the visitor on a scenic, entertaining and educational tour down five municipalities of the province ??" Antequera, Balilihan, Catigbian, Cortes, and Maribojoc. Each of the towns has a cultural dance and theater group that presents a production number at each stop. There are not really specific Indigenous villages, it is more of a community display of their hist ...

orical culture.

Abatan River Cruise Village Tour News

  • 6 Underrated Stunning Visayas Destinations

    6 Underrated Stunning Visayas Destinations

    Visayas is home to many popular and beautiful travel destinations, with Boracay being the most well-known. But while these destinations may be understandably on travelers' bucket lists, Visayas has many more places worth exploring, though lesser-known.

    Below are some of these places you might consider for your next trip.

    Cave pools and beaches of Anda, Bohol

    Bohol is most known for its iconic Chocolate Hills. And, in terms of beaches, Panglao comes top of mind among tourists.

    For those who want to see more beyond the usual itinerary, head to Anda, which is east of Tagbilaran, the p ...

  • Bohol Series Magical Night In Abatan Firefly Watching Mountains Waters

    Bohol Series Magical Night In Abatan Firefly Watching Mountains Waters


    The island of Bohol is known for its uncanny brown hills, and tiny wide-eyed small primates, but it doesn't stop there. This little province situated beside its more popular sister, Cebu, offers so much more if you're keen to explore beyond Tagbilaran City.

    Aside from that, I've never encountered any Boholanos who wouldn't exchange smiles and would treat you as a stranger. It really felt like I was at home.

    Another thing that's so special about this trip is that this is my first out-of-town trip with Lester! He wasn't the type of person interested in traveling, ...

  • This Firefly Kayaking Is A Must Do When Visiting Bohol

    This Firefly Kayaking Is A Must Do When Visiting Bohol

    Push! Don't forget to push!

    That was our guide Rey reminding us of the right way to paddle. I sank the blade into the water and gently pulled back on my side, while the other arm followed with a push. Then, the other side, I sank the blade again, and pulled, and pushed. Chicken! It was an easy left-right-left-right routine, all I needed was to balance on the kayak, keep the rhythm in working the blades, and cross fingers that the guide won't stop paddling or the kayak won't move upstream.

    The location: the Abatan River in Maribojoc, about 10 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. For the ...

  • Unbelievable Glowing In The Dark Tree In Bohol

    Unbelievable Glowing In The Dark Tree In Bohol

    Deep in the silent forest in Bohol, beside the river stands this majestic tree that is unbelievably glowing in the dark. You may call this unreal, but its super real! There is actually a growing in the dark tree in Bohol.

    You can watch it, you can take pictures of it (flash is prohibited), but you can never go into it because you will disturb the tree and it won't glow in one area anymore.

    Just like in the movies, this destination is so magical.

    The reason why this tree, the "Pagat-pat" tree is glowing is that, there are actually hundreds or thousand of fireflies flying around and res ...

  • Bohol Waterfalls Complete Itinerary

    Bohol Waterfalls Complete Itinerary

    Bohol is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is best known for the chocolate hills, tarsier, and white sand beaches in Panglao. But did you know that there is more in Bohol than the attractions mentioned above.

    As a nature rich province it is not shocking that magnificent waterfalls lie around the island. In this blogpost let me guide you in a waterfalls adventure around Bohol. (We visited the waterfalls during the summer of March 2016 where temperature hits around 48-50 degrees so you might see little water in the falls)

    Bohol Waterfalls Complete Itinerary
    There ...

  • Bohol Abatan River Butterflies Fireflies And Moonlit Nights

    Bohol Abatan River Butterflies Fireflies And Moonlit Nights

    Loboc is not the only river town in Bohol. The island province, home to the chocolate hills and the tiny primates, tarsiers, have four major rivers intersecting through the island. Up northwest is the Inabanga River, the largest on the island and Ipil River up north. Utilized for eco-tourism is Loboc River coming from the center of the island down to the southeastern coast and recently, the Abatan River flowing to the southwestern coast. Our adventure guide, Buzzy Budlong, found excellent paddling opportunities on the latter and set-up shop along with the town's RiverLife tours to offer someth ...