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  • Botolan Wildlife Farm - Playing Tourist In Botolan Zambales

    Botolan Wildlife Farm - Playing Tourist In Botolan Zambales

    A joyride to Zambales with a travel buddy from Rizal Province, Sir Ed, led us to this zoo in the town of Botolan called the "Botolan Wildlife Farm". We were in search of a nice beach that day but we decided to have a short stay at this zoo because we spotted a sign along the highway. This wildlife farm is located on the eastern side of town in Barangay San Juan, just before reaching an Aeta community close to Camp Kainomayan.

  • In Pursuit Of Avian Treasures

    In Pursuit Of Avian Treasures

    'I find wild birds very challenging because you simply can't dictate them to pose for you, or to sit still. You're actually under their whim. When you see them and you're about to shoot, the next moment, they're gone.'- Win Paler

    Winfred Paler is a hunter. He plans meticulously. He stalks stealthily. He successfully captures the precious object of his desire.

    Don't fret. Before you call the nature police and DENR, know that Winfred or Win is a wild bird photographer.

    Win is an entrepreneur managing three companies. But his photos showcase where his heart truly lies.He officially start ...

  • A Day In Rizal

    A Day In Rizal

    A morning in Antipolo.

    Midway through December last year, Adri and I took a short trip east of Manila to Rizal to visit our friend with a lovely home and garden, teacher Emma. It is always a delightful visit, to sit down with her over a leisurely breakfast and talk about this and that in the world while surrounded by greenery and beautiful things.

    Before leaving (our morning visit had lasted until noon - as good conversation always makes us lose track of the time), we took a short walk down her street and came across a few birds.

    A Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker was keeping busy up a hug ...

  • Save Angat Save Metro Manila

    The Angat watershed reservation is at the southernmost tip of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Its primary river is the Angat river that runs mostly in the province of Bulacan, along the municipalities of Angat, San Rafael, Doña Remedios Trinidad, Norzagaray, and San Jose Del Monte. It also stretches into the boundaries of Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Rizal, and Quezon Provinces, covering about 62,309 hectares and a drainage area of around 56,800 hectares. These contain some of the better agricultural lands in the country. Bulacan supplies a good portion of agricultural produce needed by Metro ...

  • Adopt an Animal At The Negros Forests And Ecological Foundation

    The Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation (NFEFI) has launched an animal adoption program last Saturday, August 1, 2015, here in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

    The NFEFI, one of the country's most active non-profit conservation groups, invites individuals, schools, corporations, and clubs to adopt one (or more) of the many threatened animals kept at the Biodiversity Conservation Center (NFEFI-BCC) located in Bacolod City. By doing so, they will be helping to maintain a safe haven for threatened species by providing for their needs.

    Mechanics of the NFEFI Animal Adoption ...

  • Negros Forest Ecological Foundation Inc

    Get to know more about the City of Smiles! visit our website:

    Aside from its name being associated with progress and economic growth, Negros Occidental was once known as an island teeming with vast forests and wildlife. Sadly, agriculture and logging also flourished and left the province with only four percent of forest from the once 95% of green trees.

    In 1984, a group of concerned citizens established a "Save our Forest" movement that aims to protect the remaining forest space and endemic animals in the region. Since then, the advocacy grew into what is now the Negro ...