Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle, Pithecophaga jefferyi, also known as the monkey-eating eagle, is an eagle of the family Accipitridae endemic to forests in the Philippines.

It has brown and white-coloured plumage, and a shaggy crest, and generally measures 86 to 102 cm in length and weighs 4.7 to 8.0 kilograms. It is considered the largest of the extant eagles in the world in terms of length, ...

with the Steller's sea eagle and the harpy eagle being larger in terms of weight and bulk.

Among the rarest and most powerful birds in the world, it has been declared the Philippine national bird. It is critically endangered, mainly due to massive loss of habitat due to deforestation in most of its range. Killing a Philippine eagle is punishable under Philippine law by 12 years in jail and heavy fines.  Wiki

Philippine Eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi News

  • Law To Protect The Philippine Eagle Awaits Final Signature

    After nearly three years in the Third Reading, the ordinance that establishes the 8,227 hectares of forest land in Gabaldon as an area for conservation and wildlife protection (a.k.a. Critical Habitats) moves closer to its passage as law as a result of community negotiations.

    In 2014, environmental group Haribon Foundation confirmed in an expedition the sightings of an adult pair and a juvenile Philippine Eagle in the Mingan mountains. Since then, consultations with stakeholders have been done to develop sustainable solutions that will protect the home of Philippine Eagles in Luzon.

    Work ...

  • PH Eagle Pangarap To Lay First Egg

    The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) and Aboitiz Power are positive that Pangarap, a captive-bred Philippine eagle, will lay its first fertile egg this year. Pangarap turned 18 years old Thursday, February 23.

    Aboitiz Power's adopted Philippine Eagle since 2010 is now ready for artificial insemination pending availability of semen. Once semen is collected, it will be stimulated for the production of fertile egg.

    Breeding season falls in the months of June to January, with September to November as the peak period. While hatching months fall every December to January.

    PEF development p ...

  • Mamanwa Tribe In Leyte Helps Protect Philippine Eagle

    The Mamanwa tribe living in Barangay Kagbana, this town, is helping in the protection of the national bird.

    Bernal Managbanag, the chieftain of the tribe in an interview during the second Mahagnao outdoor festival, held here recently, confirms the presence of the Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyii) in their village saying that the big bird "can carry a wild piglet weighing 10 to 15 kilos."

    He added that they observe that eagle also eats snakes, monkeys, weasel and other animals.

    The members of the Mamanwa participated in the festival that promoted environmental conservation, pro ...

  • Ecija Mayors Sign Pact To Protect PH Eagle

    The mayors of three municipalities surrounding Mount Mingan in Nueva Ecija recently signed a covenant to increase protections for the Philippine Eagle habitat, the Haribon Foundation announced.

    Mayors Rolando S. Bue of Gabaldon Nueva Ecija, Sherwin H. Taay of Dingalan, Aurora, and Mariano S. Tangcon of San Luis, Aurora signed an agreement to restrict certain activities and promote proper management of production zones to protect the biodiversity found in this central part of Sierra Madre in response to illegal forest activities around Mt. Mingan, a protected area that is a habitat for the e ...

  • Wounded Eagle Puts Forest Protection In Spotlight

    It took a Philippine eagle that had recovered from its wound to show the need to protect the forests of a mountain in the province that is not only home to the endangered bird but other species of animals as well.

    When the eagle, christened Sarangani Pride by Sen. Manny Pacquiao, was released back to the wild on Jan. 31, a local official said it showed the need to protect Mt. Busa, home to the eagle and other endangered species.

    When it was time to release Sarangani Pride, the bird just stayed in its cage for at least 15 minutes, according to Beth Ramos, municipal information officer who ...

  • Hedcor Saves Another Hawk Eagle In Davao Del Sur

    Another wounded eagle was rescued along the Sibulan River in Davao del Sur, this time by a Bagobo-Tagabawa farmer, Henry Andi, who shooed a gang of crows attacking the eagle and sought AboitizPower subsidiary Hedcor's help for its immediate turnover to the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF).

    This is the second eagle saved by Hedcor, after it successfully helped Mabikkerr—a Pinsker's hawk-eagle—in 2015.

    The PEF said the eagle is an adult Southern Philippine hawk-eagle, a family of eagle that is already endangered and in need of human protection.

    "The eagle was weak and dehydrated," ...