Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle, Pithecophaga jefferyi, also known as the monkey-eating eagle, is an eagle of the family Accipitridae endemic to forests in the Philippines.

It has brown and white-coloured plumage, and a shaggy crest, and generally measures 86 to 102 cm in length and weighs 4.7 to 8.0 kilograms. It is considered the largest of the extant eagles in the world in terms of length, ...

with the Steller's sea eagle and the harpy eagle being larger in terms of weight and bulk.

Among the rarest and most powerful birds in the world, it has been declared the Philippine national bird. It is critically endangered, mainly due to massive loss of habitat due to deforestation in most of its range. Killing a Philippine eagle is punishable under Philippine law by 12 years in jail and heavy fines.  Wiki

Philippine Eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi News

  • A Million Feathers More

    A Million Feathers More

    Its no secret that the Wharf Hotels has a love affair with the Philippine eagle. Step into any of the Marco Polo Hotels in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines, and the Niccolo Hotels in China and Hong Kong and chances are theres the mighty raptors image that will catch your attention.

    Why not the panda, someone suggested to Philippe Carreti, Vice President for Operations of Wharf Hotels, since the company is China-based. The good man though opted to focus the groups fundraising efforts to aid in the conservation of the Philippine eagle. Perhaps, he felt the eagle needed more help.

    It w ...

  • Photo Exhibit Conserving Avian Treasures

    Photo Exhibit Conserving Avian Treasures

    With its goal and mission to disseminate information and education toward the conservation of the countrys vanishing avian treasures, the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines (WBPP), in partnership with the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) is holding a photo exhibit titled Ibong Malaya: The Philippines Avian Treasures. The event, which is held until July 12, 2017 at The Chamber, Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila, showcases some of the endemic species of birds in the country.

    In cooperation with the Department of Tourism (DoT), the exhibit displays the works o ...

  • Bird Flu A Concern In Fight To Save Philippine Eagle Finance Chief

    Bird Flu A Concern In Fight To Save Philippine Eagle Finance Chief

    Exposing the endangered Philippine Eagle to bird flu is a "big risk," Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said Tuesday, as the government moved to contain the outbreak in 3 Luzon towns.

    Dominguez hails from Davao City, home to the a conservation center for the monkey-eating raptor. He is also former chairman of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

    "You know what really my concern is with the bird flu? Its the Philippine Eagle. If the bird flu goes there, we may have to kill all the eagles," Dominguez said.

    Hundreds of thousands of chickens, ducks and other birds have been slaughtered in th ...

  • Camp Breeders Closely Watching Philippine Eagles Over Avian Flu

    Experts at the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) camp here are closely monitoring the health of the eagles in captivity, as it closed the camp for evaluation and assessment of the new protocols, mainly on quarantine procedures, to be observed by all personnel inside the breeding camp.

    The breeding camp is located in Marilog district, about 10 kilometers outside the more populous Calinan district, 29 kilometers north of downtown.

    Dennis Salvador, camp director, told the BusinessMirror on Tuesday extra precautions should be observed by all working staff going to and inside the camp over th ...

  • Philippine Eagle Conservation

    The Philippine Raptors Conservation Program (PRCP) was started in 1990 by the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR)-Protected Areas & Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) to help conserve our wildlife particularly the Philippine Eagle, and other raptors. Known Philippine eagle habitats covers the following Regions: 1, 2-CAR, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13-CARAGA where its flagship program, the magnificent Philippine eagle reigns supreme. Other raptors, the likes of which include Brahminy kites, Crested serpent eagles, Philippine hawk eagles, Scops owls, Grass owls, etc., although were not class ...

  • Philippine Eagle Foundation To Strengthen Raptor Conservation In PHL

    The Philippine Eagle Foundation PEF is eyeing to promote raptor conservation to​ boost ecotourism ​in ​the city as they host the 10th Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network Symposium in October here.

    Education Administrator Rai Kristie Gomez of the Philippine Eagle Foundation told reporters in a press conference held at Habi at Kape, Abreeza Mall here on Wednesday, July 26, they are hopeful to gather researchers, hobbyists, and interested people to do researches about raptors here in the country.

    We want to promote raptor research in the Philippines because not ...