Lowland white eye

Lowland white eye Zosterops meyeni News

  • The Expected And The Unexpected

    The Expected And The Unexpected

    Hoping that our luck the day before would continue, I once again brought my camera as we did our early morning walk. For one thing, we were quite sure that the flock of Lowland White-eyes would come at around 6:30 am to the two trees next to the entrance of our condominium building. We noticed on several occasions that they had been pretty consistent with their foraging schedule. And we were right, at the expected time, about 20 individuals came. However, getting a picture was quite a challenge since they were constantly moving in search for the tiny insects under the leaves. I was lucky enoug ...

  • Four River

    Four River

    Sunday afternoon at around 5 we went to the worker's compound in our condominium complex. Being a Sunday the usual throng of laborers were not around. This would be an opportunity for us to have a closer look at the Marikina River which is very close to the worker's area. We were so thankful that we added 4 more species to the list of birds seen at The Grove.

  • To The Munias And Back

    To The Munias And Back

    In our last walk around our condominium complex we didn't see the Scaly-breasted Munias. Not a single one! Usually we would see them bringing nesting materials to different trees - either at the lawn or at the lower ground.

  • Lawn Again Naturally

    Lawn Again Naturally

    Part of our condominium complex is an area referred to as the "Great Lawn". It has some playground stuff like slides and seesaws. A concrete trail goes around it for joggers and walkers. There are plenty of vegetation surrounding it as well. Actually, it is located on the same level as the fourth floor of the buildings around.

  • Sick And Fine

    Sick And Fine

    The beginning of the year and I was sick with the flu. Friday, I was feeling a little better so I confirmed with our friend, Peter, that my wife and I will be at U.P. Diliman on Saturday morning. To do some birding, of course.

  • Reflections


    It happened again. An impromptu twitch that resulted in another heartache. We saw our target bird alright, I even got a photo, albeit not even close to a "documentary" shot. Still the seemingly unending frustrating experiences lately had me reflecting deeply.