Indigo banded kingfisher

Indigo banded kingfisher Ceyx cyanopecta News

  • We Came, We Saw, Were Happy

    We Came, We Saw, Were Happy

    We went to the Avilon Zoo for a single purpose: to photograph two endemic kingfishers. (Note: Although this was a zoo, both species seen here were uncaged, free-flying, wild birds.)

  • Its Where Avilon

    Its Where Avilon

    The Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal had been hosting some uncommon migrants lately. Last October a pair of Chestnut-cheeked Starlings stayed there for some time. Late January of this year, local guide Mhark Gee posted a photo of a Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, taken at the zoo premises. That of course triggered an onrush of bird photographers to Avilon. My wife and I, along with our friend, Peter, were part of a group that went on Saturday, Feb. 3rd.

  • More Negros Lifers At Gawahon

    More Negros Lifers At Gawahon

    From Danjugan Island, Adri and I hopped on a bus back to Kabankalan and then transferred to another bus that would take us up north to Bacolod City. An hour's taxi ride later, we were in Victorias City even further north of Bacolod, at our final Negros island destination: Gawahon Eco Park.

    Gawahon is a Hiligaynon for "overlooking", providing a panoramic view of the plains of Victorias and Silay. It lies on the northwestern edge of the Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP). It showcases mid- to high-elevation forest with several natural pools and waterfalls making it a popular weekend destina ...

  • Raising Bird Awareness Conservation

    Raising Bird Awareness Conservation

    It was half past six in the evening when we arrived at the Capayas Creek in Coron, Palawan, straight from Busuanga Airport. It was getting dark. I immediately installed a long-range lens to my camera body while walking slowly to a hut near the creek. It had black nets to cover ourselves so birds wouldn't notice us.

    I hovered the end of the lens to the porch under the black nets while being guided by a bird spotter, Erwin Edonga. He pointed to a small branch of tree near where the water flows and there it was??"the rufous-backed kingfisher.

    I was getting excited, but I had to control my e ...

  • Ilagan City Isabela Santa Victoria Caves Pinzal Falls At Ilagan Sanctuary

    Ilagan City Isabela Santa Victoria Caves Pinzal Falls At Ilagan Sanctuary

    Part of the 819-hectare Fuyot Springs National Park bordering the town of Tumauini, Ilagan Sanctuary is a protected area located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range in Brgy. Santa Victoria, Ilagan City, Isabela. Among the natural attractions are Santa Victoria Caves, river-hiking to Pinzal Falls and viewing endemic and exotic animals at the mini-zoo like Philippine deer, Philippine crocodiles and Bengal tigers. This area is included in the buffer zone of the Palanan Wilderness Area or Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park. The nature park also has swimming pools, ATV rides, and a ...

  • The Philippines With Sierra Madre Extension

    The Philippines With Sierra Madre Extension

    Guided by Keith Barnes. This was a custom tour with a similar itinerary to our set-departure tour, though it also included a few days in the Sierra Madre of north Luzon.

    With our Asian office in neighbouring Taiwan, the Philippines is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Tropical Birding and we ran two different custom tours to the islands in March and April 2012, this trip report covers one of these tours. This tour took the form of three distinct stages, concentrating on the three most accessible, endemic rich islands in the sprawling Philippine archipelago, that encompasses m ...