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  • Seeing Green

    Seeing Green

    It was one of those weird experiences where we saw green birds - two species from the Dove family - but were unable to photograph them. And that happened at the start and at the end of our three-day birding at Subic. Wednesday afternoon as we entered the Nabasan Trail, we saw a pair of Common Emerald Doves feeding on the ground. As I lowered our car window to take their photo, both flew away. We made a quick round trip, hoping they will be back at their feeding spot. We saw one but again it flew away even before we could lift our cameras. And then on our last day, as we were about to exit the ...

  • Tacurong Bird Festival A Celebration Of Wildlife Conservation

    Tacurong Bird Festival A Celebration Of Wildlife Conservation

    One of SOX's premier tourist destinations is the center of the 3rd Tacurong Bird Festival, the first and the only bird festival in South Central Mindanao. This is the Baras Bird Sanctuary, home to tens of thousands of cageless wonders of SocCSkSarGen Region.

    Baras Bird Sanctuary in the City of Tacurong covers about two hectares of land that is home to more than 20,000 beautiful birds of different types. The area is situated beside a river and very close to swamplands, wetlands, and marshes. In 2002, Baras was declared a bird sanctuary by the city government.

    Developed as eco-tourism site ...

  • Kites And Other Fishers

    Kites And Other Fishers

    Operation Sagip Sawi (Save the Grey-faced Buzzards) was in full swing in Northern Luzon, and I was off for the weekend with Jelaine and Lala to support Alex, Tere and the ARRCN (Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network) Japanese contingent on their visit to Ilocos Norte and Cagayan Valley.

    But... we had a few hours free in the morning to bird with Laoag-based Richard R. He had once again spotted a rare migrant visiting his birding spot and was keen to show it to birders who traveled the long road north to see it. For our trio, the opportunity was perfect for a twitch.

    And so, fresh ...

  • Back To Balanga

    Back To Balanga

    It was the 7th Ibong Dayo Festival and we were off to Balanga City!

    Adri and I were fortunate enough to have had our schedules free to join Balanga in celebrating the return of migratory birds to the city's wetlands. The festival was established a year after the 4th Philippine Bird Festival (2009) hosted by the City of Balanga, and last year, it coincided with the 10th Philippine Bird Festival which returned to Balanga, this time hosted by the entire province of Bataan. This year, the festival won for the 3rd consecutive year an award from the Department of Tourism in recognition of its ex ...

  • Baras Bird Sanctuary Showcased In 9th Philippine Bird Festival

    Baras Bird Sanctuary Showcased In 9th Philippine Bird Festival

    Tacurong City's Baras Bird Sanctuary was showcased during Zamboanga City's 1st Ecotourism Fair for the 9th Philippine Bird Festival on February 27 to March 2, 2014.

    Photos of migratory birds inhabiting Tacurong's one and three-fourth hectare-bird sanctuary were displayed for local and international bird watchers, students, and locals. These migratory birds include the Great Egret, Intermediate Egret, Little Egret, Cattle Egret, Rufous Night Heron, Black-Crowned Night Heron, and Javan Pond. The exhibit also included the the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines' sightings of the Variabl ...

  • Bird Watchers Record 723 Species In Visayas

    A census of migratory birds in Eastern Visayas has recorded at least 723 species, according to a team from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

    DENR Region 8 Director Sibbaluca said the monitoring was done in Barangays Baruguhay Norte and Canomantang in Carigara, Leyte and Barangays San Juan and Naungan in Ormoc City, Leyte.

    "We have to keep the sites under close watch to protect wildlife," he told Manila Standard.

    At least 286 Philippine Ducks were listed followed by 127 Egrets (Little Egret, Chinese Egret and Great Egret), and 92 Plovers (Kentish Plover, Malaysian Pl ...