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  • Bird On Brink Of Extinction Flies Over Apo Reef Park

    Bird On Brink Of Extinction Flies Over Apo Reef Park

    One of the world's critically endangered seabirds, the Christmas Frigatebird, was spotted for the first time at Apo Reef Natural Park (ARNP) in Sablayan town in Occidental Mindoro province, the third record of the species in the Philippines outside of the Sulu Sea.

    Geoff Tabaranza, research program manager of Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (MBCFI), said the sighting of the bird "highlights the significance" of ARNP as a conservation site.

    The park, he said, serves as "nesting ground for seabirds and a stopover feeding site for migratory species."

    First record

    MBC ...

  • PHL Seeks International Support For Protection Of 5 Wildlife Species

    The 12th Session of the Conference of Parties (COP) to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) will kick off on Monday at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Manila.

    Over 900 delegates from 124 countries are taking part in the event to come up with measures to protect and conserve endangered migratory wild animals.

    A total of 35 species, all threatened with extinction, have been proposed for listing under the Appendices of the CMS, five of which are proposals coming from the Philippines.

    With the Department of Environment and ...

  • Conservation Urged To Protect Endangered Christmas Frigatebirds

    Conservation Urged To Protect Endangered Christmas Frigatebirds

    The conservation group Haribon Foundation is urging greater conservation efforts to protect the critically endangered Christmas Frigatebird, one of three species of frigatebirds that can be found in the Philippines.

    Out of the five known frigatebird species, three of them are recorded in the Philippines: The Great Frigatebird, Lesser Frigatebird, and the Christmas Frigatebird, which is considered critically endangered.

    Frigatebirds are seabirds found in tropical and subtropical oceans. Most of them have dominant black plumage, far-reaching pointed wings, long deeply-forked tails, and an ...