Eurasian tree sparrow

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  • Answered Prayer

    Answered Prayer

    We always look for birds everytime we do our walk around our condominium grounds. Yesterday afternoon while watching a pair of sunbirds feast on the orange flowers we noticed a bird near the parking lot which looked different from the usual birds we see here. It was even unperturbed as I came a bit closer. "Ferruginous Flycatcher!" I exclaimed. I couldn't believe that this beautiful migrant would choose a parking lot to hunt for food. I grabbed my cellphone and took its photo to document such rarity.

  • Seasons In The Sun

    Seasons In The Sun

    Blame it on climate change or global warming but it seems that the summer season arrived very late this year. October weather normally is already a bit cool with occasional nippy breezes. This time however it was sweat-inducing hot! Even at 4 in the afternoon. Nevertheless we had joy, we had fun birding the premises of our condominium. Maybe not in that order but we still had seasons in the sun.

  • Back In The Grove

    Back In The Grove

    During our daily walk around our condominium (which is called The Grove) we always make it a point to look for birds. We sometimes bring binoculars and on a few occasions, a camera. Since we saw quite a number of birds the previous day, I decided to bring along the camera with the shorter lens (300mm) the following day. At the lawn, there were the usual Eurasian Tree Sparrows.

  • Island Paradise Birding on Siargao

    Island Paradise Birding on Siargao

    The Katala Foundation ( has always been a close partner of the WBCP in pursuing common goals of education and conservation. The foundation is personified by husband-and-wife team Peter and Indira Widmann whom I had met several years ago as a newbie birder who found herself in Palawan with fellow WBCP members Adri Constantino (now my husband) and Tere Cervero. Peter and Indira had very kindly arranged for us to visit Rasa Island, the last stronghold of the Philippine Cockatoo (aka Red-vented Cockatoo) and one of the key conservation sites of the foundation. I will ne ...

  • Spotting The Birds At The Quiet Place

    Spotting The Birds At The Quiet Place

    I went to The Quiet Place Farm Resort in Bago City expecting to have some quiet time with friends, only to be disturbed by the birds. It was not their melodious early morning calls that I find disquieting but the fact that these beautiful creatures need our constant protection because some of them are already threatened species.

    The Bird Watching Activity of The Quiet Place was such an eye opening activity for me that I swear, I will never look at birds the same way again. Unlike those unscrupulous hunters, shooting birds with a camera doesn't harm them and sharing their pictures would even ...

  • Corregidor Rocks

    To many Filipinos who have been away for so long from their motherland, Corregidor recalls images of a ruined island fortress that bore the brunt of the opening salvos of World War II in the Pacific.

    Converted into a memorial and museum after the war, its main attraction has been a guided tour aboard a tranvia-themed tourist bus around its historic spots.

    Dubbed "The Rock," the island was a Spanish naval checkpoint later rearmed by the Americans as a fortress. It fought in the fiercest battles in 1942 against Japan and in its subsequent retaking in 1945 by the Americans, making it among ...