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  • Beautiful Migratory Birds And Mangroves At Bangkung Malapad In Sasmuan Pampanga

    Beautiful Migratory Birds And Mangroves At Bangkung Malapad In Sasmuan Pampanga

    It was still dark when our group boarded an outrigger boat on the river off the bamboo park in Lubao, Pampanga. Some stars still shone in the predawn sky. As our boat cut through the waters, the sky began to lighten with oranges and blues. But soon, dark spot upon dark spot flew across the brightening sky.

  • Sanctuary Of Egrets, Herons Featured In Sultan Kudarat Bird Festival

    Sanctuary Of Egrets, Herons Featured In Sultan Kudarat Bird Festival

    Birds roosting in this city in Sultan Kudarat province have attracted local and foreign birdwatchers who will gather here for a two-day festival showcasing the Baras bird sanctuary, one of the country's largest nesting sites for egrets and herons.

    Emelie Jamorabon, city tourism officer, said bird enthusiasts from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Taiwan and Indonesia would join their local counterparts for the 12th Philippine Bird Festival (PBF) and the 4th Tacurong City Bird Festival here, an event supported by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and the Department of Touri ...

  • Bolinao Beyond Patar Beach

    Bolinao Beyond Patar Beach

    In our past two visits to this coastal town our primary destination has always been the same: Patar Beach. Blessed with white sand and crystal-clear waters, Patar Beach we thought was worth the long 6-hour plus drive from Metro Manila. So when Leo drove his mom, sisters and a nephew to Bolinao in Pangasinan province recently, his first impulse was to bring them to this white beach wonder. Not having been to this beach since 2011, however, he was in for what was almost a rude awakening.

    Patar Beach Then and Now

    Driving to Patar Beach from their resort (SCL Garden Paradise Beach Resort) he ...

  • 9th Philippine Bird Festival Zamboanga City

    This year's festival themed "Pajaros: Bula sin miedo, sin lingasa"??"Zamboanga's Spanish-based Chavacano for "Birds: Fly Without Fear, Without Worries"??"coincides with the presence of wintering Barn Swallows or layang-layang, a migrant from northern Asia which roosts in hundreds of thousands in downtown Zamboanga.

    The Barn Swallow??"a symbol of peace and cultural understanding??"was chosen as the flagship species of the festival to highlight the popular hopes for better ties among the peoples of the region, starting with a common interest in birds and nature conservation.

    Zamboanga City ...

  • Candaba To Start The Birding Year

    Candaba To Start The Birding Year

    Candaba is always a good idea to start the birding year. A few days into 2016, Adri and I wanted to check out the roads leading to the ponds. A late December storm had flooded most of low lying Bulacan and Pampanga and Adri wanted to check out accessibility for his upcoming trips.

    We started out at the back route at Brgy Paligue where the dirt road leading down from the highway was obviously not passable to most vehicles. The first 10 meters or so was sticky mud, deeply rutted by tractor tire and still soft. After that the road was quite dry and hard - but it hardly mattered since the fi ...

  • First Birding For 2016

    First Birding For 2016

    I've just been back from Manchuria Trip, but already feeling the call of Candaba. Curiosity of what might have dropped in while we were away birding in China was just too much to resist! With pending work , family new year feast, house cleaning , and everything that's been on hold while I was away , the Candaba bit had to wait until 2nd of January.

    Hmm.. so far, road was not passable from the back entry point and we didn't waste time driving back to front entry point. I was on a relaxed morning walk, enjoying the beautiful scene of Mt. Arayat and any birds along the way that I could see ...