Bulbuls News

  • Birthday Bathing Bulbuls

    Birthday Bathing Bulbuls

    A few weekends ago I celebrated my nth year in this world with lunch with my family at home. Our dining room faces the backyard and we noticed a commotion in the backyard bird bath. The heat and humidity was almost unbearable and several bulbuls were lining up to take a quick dip!

  • A Bulbul Nest At Our Window

    A Bulbul Nest At Our Window

    I love visiting our friends Peter and Indira who live up the hill! They have a beautiful home surrounded by greenery and wildlife.

  • Subic Birding Day 2 A Lifer To End The Year

    Subic Birding Day 2 A Lifer To End The Year

    We were hoping for a bleeding heart but got fowled instead. Yesterday, Chris Chafer, a birding friend, told me via PM that there were Luzon Bleeding Hearts at the Nabasan Trail. Bright and early in the morning Cynthia and I began our search for the rare pigeon. Halfway inside the trail I saw them - no, not the bleeding hearts but a family of Red Junglefowls. In my excitement (this was a lifer for us!) I forgot to adjust the settings of my camera and so I only got one documentary shot of the male.

    After negotiating the entire length of the trail and dipping on our target species, we returned ...

  • Serene Birding At Twin Lakes

    Serene Birding At Twin Lakes

    We were off to Negros! I had some time off from school and was happy to be able to join Adri facilitate a birding workshop sponsored by the Department of Tourism and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

    The workshop venue was ideally situated at the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park in Sibulan, Negros Oriental. The participants were members of the local community, many already familiar with birds, birding and birdwatchers. It was a great group: knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun. The workshop was right at the doorstep of Lake Balinsasayao, a protected area which is a w ...

  • Palawan Is Love

    Palawan Is Love

    It's my personal paradise... birding, beaches and the great outdoors! I was so excited that Adri and I finally got to fit a return trip to Puerto Princesa for a 5 day weekend at the end of November for an early wedding anniversary trip.

    Unfortunately, a cancelled flight made us lose an evening and a morning, but our optimism overtook our disappointment and soon we were in Puerto Princesa, ready to bird! I love Puerto Princesa!

    We picked up our rental car, picked up some supplies at the NCCC, found our way to our downtown inn, had our lunch, took a nap and... off we were! Our agenda for ...

  • Back In Davao With The Philippine Eagle Foundation

    Back In Davao With The Philippine Eagle Foundation

    In a follow-up activity to last year's birdwatching workshop , Adri and I found ourselves back at the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City, working with the staff and volunteers of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF).

    Last September 26 ??" 28, a second training session for the PEF was held entitled "Facilitating Effective Philippine Eagle Center and Community-based Bird-watching Tours". The goal of the workshops was to increase the PEF staff and volunteer competency in birding and bird identification so that regular guided bird walks might eventually by established at the Philippine Eagl ...