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  • To The Munias And Back

    To The Munias And Back

    In our last walk around our condominium complex we didn't see the Scaly-breasted Munias. Not a single one! Usually we would see them bringing nesting materials to different trees - either at the lawn or at the lower ground.

  • Cant Daba

    Cant Daba

    It had to happen. The day we were going to Candaba it rained heavily the night before. Which meant muddy roads to the mayor's house. So goodbye to the White-shouldered Starlings, Purple Herons and Marsh Harrier. We can't go there anymore for fear of being stuck in the mud.

  • Stilts At LPPCHEAA

    Stilts At LPPCHEAA

    On the 1st of April, a few WBCP-ers (led by Mike L. and Arne J.) attended the groundbreaking for a wetland park at the LPPCHEA (Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area). Finally! Hopefully, this project, led by Sen. Cynthia Villar, will focus on the importance of the mudflats as a wetland (it is a declared RAMSAR site!) and as a green space in a city choked by urban developments lacking environmental planning.

    Adri and I were there but unwittingly skipped the ceremonies as we were captivated by several Black-winged Stilts foraging along a relatively clean beach. We had l ...

  • Subic Birding Day 2 A Lifer To End The Year

    Subic Birding Day 2 A Lifer To End The Year

    We were hoping for a bleeding heart but got fowled instead. Yesterday, Chris Chafer, a birding friend, told me via PM that there were Luzon Bleeding Hearts at the Nabasan Trail. Bright and early in the morning Cynthia and I began our search for the rare pigeon. Halfway inside the trail I saw them - no, not the bleeding hearts but a family of Red Junglefowls. In my excitement (this was a lifer for us!) I forgot to adjust the settings of my camera and so I only got one documentary shot of the male.

    After negotiating the entire length of the trail and dipping on our target species, we returned ...

  • Sunny Saturday Morning On Campus

    Sunny Saturday Morning On Campus

    Sunny Saturdays are few and far between this rainy season, making it difficult to plan out-of-Metro-Manila birding trips. Thankfully, the sprawling University of the Philippines grounds are just a stone throw's away. So when the skies were looking clear last weekend, Adri and I went for a quick drive and walk to check out the birds.

    We ran into birding couple Bob and Cynthia, and caught up on the latest news. In typical birder and photographer fashion, our conversation remained uninterrupted while we stared up into the trees and pointed out birds in the canopy. A few Golden-bellied Gery ...

  • Saturday Morning At The LPPCHEA

    Saturday Morning At The LPPCHEA

    I was happy to be back at the LPPCHEA (Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area) for a bit of Saturday morning birding with some members of the WBCP.

    I had not been back for a few years and I was curious to see the beach we once dubbed as "rubber slipper beach" when I was just starting out birding. All sorts of trash littered the beach, from your usual plastic packaging to styrofoam boxes, discarded nets and rope, furniture, handbags, clothes, toys... ANYTHING you can think up, including A LOT of rubber slippers. Well, there was still a LOT of the city's trash washed up o ...