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  • Ninoy Aquino Parks Vesves Wildlife Center In Quezon City

    Ninoy Aquino Parks vesves Wildlife in Quezon City. You will enjoy the view from the park -Gazebo. The Gazebo part of this park is perfect for pre-nup pictures! Simply.

    Wildlife inside include: White Breasted Sea Eagle , Brahminy Kite, Visayan Monitor Lizard, Red Eared Slider Turtle, Palawan Bearcat, Philippine Palm Civet.

    Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Quezon City Manila.

  • In Pursuit Of Avian Treasures

    In Pursuit Of Avian Treasures

    'I find wild birds very challenging because you simply can't dictate them to pose for you, or to sit still. You're actually under their whim. When you see them and you're about to shoot, the next moment, they're gone.'- Win Paler

    Winfred Paler is a hunter. He plans meticulously. He stalks stealthily. He successfully captures the precious object of his desire.

    Don't fret. Before you call the nature police and DENR, know that Winfred or Win is a wild bird photographer.

    Win is an entrepreneur managing three companies. But his photos showcase where his heart truly lies.He officially start ...

  • Wild Animals Na Dumaan Sa Rehabilitasyon Pinalaya

    Wild Animals Na Dumaan Sa Rehabilitasyon Pinalaya

    Halos 50 hayop na sumailalim sa rehabilitasyon ang pinakawalan sa Angat Watershed, Huwebes ng umaga.

    Kasama ito sa layunin ng Biodiversity Management Bureau na paigtingin ang controlled ecotourism sa Angat Dam.

    Kabilang sa mga hayop na pinakawalan ang mga lawin, brahminy kite, mga monitor lizard, at Asian box turtles.

    Dumaan muna ang mga ito sa rehabilitasyon, at tiniyak ng mga beterinaryo na kaya na nilang mamuhay muli sa ilang, tulad ng Angat Watershed, na isang protected area ng pamahalaan.

    Mayroong 62,000 na ektarya ang Angat Watershed. Ipinagbabawal ang panghuhuli o pagkuha ng ...

  • Rescued Animals Released Back In The Wild

    Rescued Animals Released Back In The Wild

    Four rescued animals have been released back in the wild by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) office in Region 8.

    They included a Brahminy Kite that was trapped in the backyard of Dr. Erlinda Martinez in Barangay Naga-Naga, Tacloban City.

    Also released was a monitor lizard found by Edwin Sangon at the former Family Park in Tacloban City and was also turned over to authorities.

    Two reticulated pythons from the Regional Wildlife Center in Palo were also released in the forested area of Barangay Tinalian, Abuyog Leyte.

    The DENR said the animals were in good he ...

  • Kites And Other Fishers

    Kites And Other Fishers

    Operation Sagip Sawi (Save the Grey-faced Buzzards) was in full swing in Northern Luzon, and I was off for the weekend with Jelaine and Lala to support Alex, Tere and the ARRCN (Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network) Japanese contingent on their visit to Ilocos Norte and Cagayan Valley.

    But... we had a few hours free in the morning to bird with Laoag-based Richard R. He had once again spotted a rare migrant visiting his birding spot and was keen to show it to birders who traveled the long road north to see it. For our trio, the opportunity was perfect for a twitch.

    And so, fresh ...

  • Treading The Green Road

    Treading The Green Road

    It was not a usual day for me. Why?

    There were a lot of reasons.

    Last Saturday, October 15, I was roused from sleep at 4:10 a.m. after receiving a phone call from my girlfriend (Jandiane Esteban) who scolded me for answering her calls only after couple of rings.

    It's a mortal sin. Yes, she was calling because she's worried for us to be late for a scheduled Watershed Media Tour at 5 a.m. But we made it on time and even arrived there earlier than the other participants-an achievement.

    When all the participants were ready, we then headed to Panigan-Tamugan Watershed in Baguio District ...