Blue rock thrush

Blue rock thrush Monticola solitarius News

  • Look To The Rainbow

    Look To The Rainbow

    It was still dark as we traversed the road going to Infanta. There was intermittent precipitation - sometimes a soft drizzle, other times a good amount of rainfall. Somehow this did not discourage us. We've been through this experience before and almost always it became sunny when we arrived at our destination. Actually we were glad that finally rain came. There was an ongoing water crisis in MetroManila attributed to the drought caused by El Nino. This downpour would somehow mitigate such problems.

  • The Beginning And The End

    The Beginning And The End

    It was a nice beginning and a beautiful ending. The sad part was what happened in between. Or to put it another way, nothing happened in between.

  • Fire And Flame

    Fire And Flame

    We returned to Infanta Saturday morning with the hope of acquiring one, or maybe even two, lifers. At first when we encountered a Coleto in Tanay, not far from where we have our usual breakfast, we thought that it would be a portent of good things to happen.

  • In Pursuit Of Avian Treasures

    In Pursuit Of Avian Treasures

    'I find wild birds very challenging because you simply can't dictate them to pose for you, or to sit still. You're actually under their whim. When you see them and you're about to shoot, the next moment, they're gone.'- Win Paler

    Winfred Paler is a hunter. He plans meticulously. He stalks stealthily. He successfully captures the precious object of his desire.

    Don't fret. Before you call the nature police and DENR, know that Winfred or Win is a wild bird photographer.

    Win is an entrepreneur managing three companies. But his photos showcase where his heart truly lies.He officially start ...

  • Highland Lows

    Highland Lows

    This was a bit disappointing birding trip to the highlands of Benguet.

    Cynthia and I planned to go to Baguio after seeing those lovely bird photos that our friends posted in Facebook. However, when my wife was trying to arrange for our lodging, all the the hotels that she contacted were fully booked. Thinking it was fate, we scrapped our plans. Then, a birder friend in Facebook whom we haven't even met personally, offered to sponsor us at the exclusive Baguio Country Club. How can we say no to such kindness.

    Our primary purpose in birding in Baguio was to garner more lifers of course. Fo ...

  • Going UP

    Going UP

    The exasperating traffic condition in MetroManila, for me, is a huge deterrent in driving to birding places (imagine taking almost an hour just to negotiate 3.5 kilometers).

    One option we have is the campus of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) in Diliman, about 5 kms away. Leave early on a Saturday morning (when most people are still asleep) go birding for about 3 hours and return home before the malls open.

    That's what my wife and I did today. We left the house at about 6 am. But before exiting our subdivision, I told Cynthia that we would be taking a short side-trip to Fordham S ...