Blue naped parrot

Blue naped parrot Tanygnathus lucionensis News

  • Seeing Green

    Seeing Green

    It was one of those weird experiences where we saw green birds - two species from the Dove family - but were unable to photograph them. And that happened at the start and at the end of our three-day birding at Subic. Wednesday afternoon as we entered the Nabasan Trail, we saw a pair of Common Emerald Doves feeding on the ground. As I lowered our car window to take their photo, both flew away. We made a quick round trip, hoping they will be back at their feeding spot. We saw one but again it flew away even before we could lift our cameras. And then on our last day, as we were about to exit the ...

  • Big Haul Of Prized Birds Rescued From Trafficker

    Big Haul Of Prized Birds Rescued From Trafficker

    Authorities confiscated some 202 talking mynahs and blue-naped parrots from a suspected wildlife trafficker in Barangay Quinlogan, Quezon municipality, on Wednesday, July 11.

    Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) Information Officer Jovic Fabello told Palawan News that birds were seized at 5:55 a.m. However, the alleged caretaker, Joseph Quintayo, managed to evade the enforcers.

    "Pangalawang beses na ito ngayong taon na naka-confiscate tayo sa southern Palawan ng malalaking bilang ng kiyaw at pikoy dahil sa malakas na information sharing mula sa mga communities," he s ...

  • In Pursuit Of Avian Treasures

    In Pursuit Of Avian Treasures

    'I find wild birds very challenging because you simply can't dictate them to pose for you, or to sit still. You're actually under their whim. When you see them and you're about to shoot, the next moment, they're gone.'- Win Paler

    Winfred Paler is a hunter. He plans meticulously. He stalks stealthily. He successfully captures the precious object of his desire.

    Don't fret. Before you call the nature police and DENR, know that Winfred or Win is a wild bird photographer.

    Win is an entrepreneur managing three companies. But his photos showcase where his heart truly lies.He officially start ...

  • Missing Tit

    Missing Tit

    Early Saturday (March 4) morning I got a Facebook PM from birding friend Bim Quemado. "If you're interested, the White-fronted Tit is easy here at Subic" was his message. A couple of weeks earlier, our friends from the Baguio-Benguet Birding Group also posted photos of this species. The White-fronted Tit was my nemesis bird. Cynthia and I never saw it despite our many attempts.

    Sunday afternoon we drove to Subic and proceeded right away to the place Bim said he saw the Tit. Three hours of searching and nada. Early the following day we went back. Again, three hours of waiting and staring at ...

  • Finally Back In Puerto Princesa

    Finally Back In Puerto Princesa

    A long, long time ago (in 2002) my family spent the summer vacation months in Puerto Princesa in Palawan. My dad was based there for work and the whole family was able to spend a lot of time in Puerto with him. We went to the beach, the Underground River, island hopping in Honda Bay, ate pizza in Casa Rosa in Roxas (my favorite!), went to the beach again, island hopping but I never paid attention to the birds. I wasn't a birdwatcher then.

    So, ever since I got into birding, going back to Puerto Princesa for the birds has always been on my mind. It took me more than 5 years (and a lot of excu ...

  • Palawan Is Love

    Palawan Is Love

    It's my personal paradise... birding, beaches and the great outdoors! I was so excited that Adri and I finally got to fit a return trip to Puerto Princesa for a 5 day weekend at the end of November for an early wedding anniversary trip.

    Unfortunately, a cancelled flight made us lose an evening and a morning, but our optimism overtook our disappointment and soon we were in Puerto Princesa, ready to bird! I love Puerto Princesa!

    We picked up our rental car, picked up some supplies at the NCCC, found our way to our downtown inn, had our lunch, took a nap and... off we were! Our agenda for ...