Blue headed fantail

Blue headed fantail Rhipidura cyaniceps News

  • Thanks To The Parrots

    Thanks To The Parrots

    It was a short unproductive trip to Infanta last Saturday. The skies were gloomy and the birds were scarce. Despite that we still had some good encounters. There was this Sulphur-billed Nuthatch that kept on creeping and hopping all over the branches looking for insects.

  • A Wonderful Day In Mount Banahaw

    A Wonderful Day In Mount Banahaw

    A good day on Mt Banahaw. Unfortunately Richard couldn't join me, so I headed off on my own, and picked up my guide Chris from the lodge. On the way up we passed flocks of Chestnut-faced Babblers, along with several calling Mountain Tailorbirds. The flowering plants had Colasisi, Metallic-winged Sunbird, Buzzing Flowerpecker, Pygmy Flowerpecker, Orange-bellied Flowerpecker.

    Once off the ATV trail I headed for the Whiskered Pitta site, this time the gully was quite dry and much less slippery than previously. On the way up a large mixed flock contained the following species; Yellowish White- ...

  • Makiling The Mediocre

    Makiling The Mediocre

    After last week's triumph I was very keen to get back up the mountain to see if the fall had persisted. Sadly it hadn't! A much quieter day, though it had an almost identical start. A juvenile Red-bellied Pitta hopping around in the middle of the road. Much more confiding than last week's adult in almost the same spot.

    Once we started walking we really noticed the difference. Overall the forest was a much quieter place, with few noisy twittering flocks, and very few birds visible at all at first. Of course hard work usually pays off in these circumstances, and we started to see some nice th ...

  • Makiling The Magnificent

    Makiling The Magnificent

    A fabulous day's birding on Makiling. Richard and I had arranged to meet at 5:30 and drive up to Agila camp, which we duly did. The road is being repaired so we had to dodge graders and the like on the way up. The good birds started early though, as Richard spotted a shape in the road which quickly flew off, we stopped and began the hunt, eventually there it was, Red-bellied Pitta. The light was terrible still, but we eventually both got onto it, a great start to the morning. At Agila camp we parked up, and started walking. Within 50 yards we had our first migrant of the day, a fantastic littl ...

  • A Beautiful Sunny Day In Mount Banahaw

    A Beautiful Sunny Day In Mount Banahaw

    A beautiful sunny day on Mt Banahaw with Richard and Alex. The day started with a pair of Philippine Cuckoo-Doves flying past while we had coffee, then 6 or 7 Luzon Hornbills crossed the gully in front of us. After that we met up with our guide, Chris, and set off up the mountain.

    Throughout the day there seemed to be plenty of bird activity, but few were visible. Most numerous by call seemed to be the Mountain Tailorbirds, of which we saw a handful.

    On the way up Alex and Richard saw a White-browed Shortwing, one of the key species here, but sadly I missed it! Apart from that Philippin ...

  • Birding In Bangkhong Kahoy And Banahaw

    Birding In Bangkhong Kahoy And Banahaw

    After hearing news of the Whiskered Pitta nest discovered on Banahaw while I was on holiday in Namibia I was determined to get up there as soon as possible to see for myself. The nest is half an hour's scramble up a gully that I've crossed several times before.

    It is of course no longer active, and the forest is very wet and slippery, but come the dry season next year, when the Pittas are calling I shall be back!

    Not seeing the Pitta was no surprise, and in fact the trip was a great success as I found a feeding group of 4 Flame-breasted Fruit-Doves while hiking to the nest site. Absolut ...