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  • Photo Exhibit Conserving Avian Treasures

    Photo Exhibit Conserving Avian Treasures

    With its goal and mission to disseminate information and education toward the conservation of the countrys vanishing avian treasures, the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines (WBPP), in partnership with the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) is holding a photo exhibit titled Ibong Malaya: The Philippines Avian Treasures. The event, which is held until July 12, 2017 at The Chamber, Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila, showcases some of the endemic species of birds in the country.

    In cooperation with the Department of Tourism (DoT), the exhibit displays the works o ...

  • Coron Birding Day 3 Change Of Luck

    Coron Birding Day 3 Change Of Luck

    Since we have birded Capayas Creek the past two days we agreed that a change of venue would be practical and beneficial. So off to Villa Khadine Grande Vista Resort we went. My wife and I were fortunate to photograph the Chestnut-breasted Malkoha and Spot-throated Flamebacks here four years ago.

    While having breakfast there a large flock of Asian Glossy Starlings settled in the nearby trees. They were joined by about 4 Ashy Minivets. It was still early morning so the birds we saw were practically just silhouettes and we weren't able to get really good pictures of them. After breakfast we ro ...

  • Coron Birding Day 1 Change Is Coming

    Coron Birding Day 1 Change Is Coming

    It was totally unexpected. Our friend, Chin Fernandez, who is from here told us that there was an uncommon raptor seen by the road near the airport. So far only three people had photographed this species he said since the time it was first spotted in the area.

    After having just arrived at Coron and while we were in the van that the Darayonan Lodge provided to pick us up that I saw some birds. Rodel, our driver, stopped the van and we all (me, Cynthia, our friend, Peter, and the Taiwanese couple) unpacked our gears. Our first official bird of the trip was the Pacific Golden Plover - about 12 ...