Black naped oriole

Black naped oriole Oriolus chinensis News

  • UP Quick

    UP Quick

    It was an impromptu decision to go birding at the campus of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) in Diliman. We did not make any plans because the weather forecast said it would rain Saturday starting at 9 am. So when that hour came and it was still sunny, we grabbed our cameras and headed to U.P.

  • Sick And Fine

    Sick And Fine

    The beginning of the year and I was sick with the flu. Friday, I was feeling a little better so I confirmed with our friend, Peter, that my wife and I will be at U.P. Diliman on Saturday morning. To do some birding, of course.

  • Reflections


    It happened again. An impromptu twitch that resulted in another heartache. We saw our target bird alright, I even got a photo, albeit not even close to a "documentary" shot. Still the seemingly unending frustrating experiences lately had me reflecting deeply.

  • Heres Looking At You

    Heres Looking At You

    Of all the birding places in the world, we had to be here at the campus of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) in Diliman. The proximity to our home, of course, was the perfect excuse. However, this particular Saturday morning, something seemed to be a little weird.

    That was why I was wondering what stroke of fate brought us here at this particular place to experience this strange phenomenon: most of the birds we photographed were staring directly at us!

    Thankfully, as my wife and I were about to leave, a Coppersmith Barbet was just too busy gorging on the berries that it never eve ...

  • Sunny Saturday Morning On Campus

    Sunny Saturday Morning On Campus

    Sunny Saturdays are few and far between this rainy season, making it difficult to plan out-of-Metro-Manila birding trips. Thankfully, the sprawling University of the Philippines grounds are just a stone throw's away. So when the skies were looking clear last weekend, Adri and I went for a quick drive and walk to check out the birds.

    We ran into birding couple Bob and Cynthia, and caught up on the latest news. In typical birder and photographer fashion, our conversation remained uninterrupted while we stared up into the trees and pointed out birds in the canopy. A few Golden-bellied Gery ...

  • Going UP

    Going UP

    The exasperating traffic condition in MetroManila, for me, is a huge deterrent in driving to birding places (imagine taking almost an hour just to negotiate 3.5 kilometers).

    One option we have is the campus of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) in Diliman, about 5 kms away. Leave early on a Saturday morning (when most people are still asleep) go birding for about 3 hours and return home before the malls open.

    That's what my wife and I did today. We left the house at about 6 am. But before exiting our subdivision, I told Cynthia that we would be taking a short side-trip to Fordham S ...