Black faced coucal

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  • South Cot And Gen San Birding

    South Cot And Gen San Birding

    Adri and I still had the full weekend ahead of us after Friday's Tacurong Bird Festival and our day birding at the Baras Bird Sanctuary. SOX is a great place for some quick target birding, and Felix already had it all planned out for us.

  • The Philippines Birding Bohol May 20-22 2016

    The Philippines Birding Bohol May 20-22 2016

    We started our Philippines trip on the island of Palawan, followed by some time on Cebu, then Negros and then, thanks to a ferry to Bohol being sold out, we spent a night on the island of Siquijor. The final leg of our Philippines adventure (well at least my final leg), was the island of Bohol. Bohol is located within the Visayas, a term used to describe one of the principle geographic regions in the Philippines. (Since the country is made up of over 7,000 islands, it would be silly not to have the islands broken up into different regions. The Visayas describes the islands surrounding the Visa ...

  • Island Paradise Birding on Siargao

    Island Paradise Birding on Siargao

    The Katala Foundation ( has always been a close partner of the WBCP in pursuing common goals of education and conservation. The foundation is personified by husband-and-wife team Peter and Indira Widmann whom I had met several years ago as a newbie birder who found herself in Palawan with fellow WBCP members Adri Constantino (now my husband) and Tere Cervero. Peter and Indira had very kindly arranged for us to visit Rasa Island, the last stronghold of the Philippine Cockatoo (aka Red-vented Cockatoo) and one of the key conservation sites of the foundation. I will ne ...

  • The Philippines With Sierra Madre Extension

    The Philippines With Sierra Madre Extension

    Guided by Keith Barnes. This was a custom tour with a similar itinerary to our set-departure tour, though it also included a few days in the Sierra Madre of north Luzon.

    With our Asian office in neighbouring Taiwan, the Philippines is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Tropical Birding and we ran two different custom tours to the islands in March and April 2012, this trip report covers one of these tours. This tour took the form of three distinct stages, concentrating on the three most accessible, endemic rich islands in the sprawling Philippine archipelago, that encompasses m ...

  • A Brilliant Trip To Bohol

    A Brilliant Trip To Bohol

    A brilliant trip to Bohol for easter. The birding started at the hotel, with a flyover pair of Pink-necked Green Pigeons as we arrived. Birds around the hotel and on the beach were pretty standard, but did include a decent sized flock of Common Terns, ssp. longipennis, which were very striking with their long tails streamers and bright white tail and rumps.

    On Wednesday I took a trip to Rajah Sikatuna N.P. that I'd arranged with Ryan Sugala. A great day out in a truly wonderful patch of forest. We spent the first few hours of the day trying to track down Yellow-breasted Tailorbird, which we ...