Bicolored flowerpecker

Bicolored flowerpecker Dicaeum bicolor News

  • Getting Caught In The Rain

    Getting Caught In The Rain

    Drizzle. Rain. Fog. Sunshine. Repeat.

    That was the fickle kind of weather that welcomed us at Infanta last Saturday morning. Birding in that situation was challenging to put it mildly. It was during those gaps between showers that some feathered creatures showed up. Occasionally we would be rewarded by the passing of mixed flocks. These were usually led by Yellowish White-eyes which preferred the tree tops.

  • Side Views

    Side Views

    Last Saturday we went back to Infanta to do some roadside birding. With us was our birding buddy, Peter. When we got to the place, we were surprised that we were the only birders there. Unlike last week. Perhaps it was because the fruits of the Hagimit tree that the birds feed on were now all gone.

  • A Wonderful Day In Mount Banahaw

    A Wonderful Day In Mount Banahaw

    A good day on Mt Banahaw. Unfortunately Richard couldn't join me, so I headed off on my own, and picked up my guide Chris from the lodge. On the way up we passed flocks of Chestnut-faced Babblers, along with several calling Mountain Tailorbirds. The flowering plants had Colasisi, Metallic-winged Sunbird, Buzzing Flowerpecker, Pygmy Flowerpecker, Orange-bellied Flowerpecker.

    Once off the ATV trail I headed for the Whiskered Pitta site, this time the gully was quite dry and much less slippery than previously. On the way up a large mixed flock contained the following species; Yellowish White- ...

  • The Philippines With Sierra Madre Extension

    The Philippines With Sierra Madre Extension

    Guided by Keith Barnes. This was a custom tour with a similar itinerary to our set-departure tour, though it also included a few days in the Sierra Madre of north Luzon.

    With our Asian office in neighbouring Taiwan, the Philippines is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Tropical Birding and we ran two different custom tours to the islands in March and April 2012, this trip report covers one of these tours. This tour took the form of three distinct stages, concentrating on the three most accessible, endemic rich islands in the sprawling Philippine archipelago, that encompasses m ...

  • Bangkhong Kahoy Valley

    Bangkhong Kahoy Valley

    A trip to Bangkhong Kahoy valley on the occasion of Chinese New Year. Dion met us at 6:00am, and we drove further up the mountain. Our aim was to bird some of the lower slopes of Mt. Banahaw and investigate some of the records of montane species being seen here.

    At the parking spot a juvenile Philippine Hawk-Eagle drifted across, and perched up in a tree on the hill above us. An excellent sign! We set off up the trail, and within 15 minutes had our first encounter with our target bird, Chestnut-faced Babbler. I'd heard about these from posts on the Philippine bird photography forum. I'd dip ...

  • A Brilliant Trip To Bohol

    A Brilliant Trip To Bohol

    A brilliant trip to Bohol for easter. The birding started at the hotel, with a flyover pair of Pink-necked Green Pigeons as we arrived. Birds around the hotel and on the beach were pretty standard, but did include a decent sized flock of Common Terns, ssp. longipennis, which were very striking with their long tails streamers and bright white tail and rumps.

    On Wednesday I took a trip to Rajah Sikatuna N.P. that I'd arranged with Ryan Sugala. A great day out in a truly wonderful patch of forest. We spent the first few hours of the day trying to track down Yellow-breasted Tailorbird, which we ...