Balicassiao Dicrurus balicassius News

  • Seeing Green

    Seeing Green

    It was one of those weird experiences where we saw green birds - two species from the Dove family - but were unable to photograph them. And that happened at the start and at the end of our three-day birding at Subic. Wednesday afternoon as we entered the Nabasan Trail, we saw a pair of Common Emerald Doves feeding on the ground. As I lowered our car window to take their photo, both flew away. We made a quick round trip, hoping they will be back at their feeding spot. We saw one but again it flew away even before we could lift our cameras. And then on our last day, as we were about to exit the ...

  • Tall Tree Roads

    Tall Tree Roads

    Lately we've been hearing about this new birding place about an hour away from where we live. When our friend Maia posted her blog about their recent birding experience there, that was sort of the trigger that made us decide to try our luck in that place.

    The Palo Alto Leisure and Residential Estates located in Baras, Rizal Province was huge! By the entrance gate as we were getting ready to get in, we encountered our first bird of the day - the Balicassiao!

    We proceeded to the lodge to meet with the manager to ask for his permission to allow us to bird throughout the subdivision. Dax was ...

  • Subic Birding Day 2 A Lifer To End The Year

    Subic Birding Day 2 A Lifer To End The Year

    We were hoping for a bleeding heart but got fowled instead. Yesterday, Chris Chafer, a birding friend, told me via PM that there were Luzon Bleeding Hearts at the Nabasan Trail. Bright and early in the morning Cynthia and I began our search for the rare pigeon. Halfway inside the trail I saw them - no, not the bleeding hearts but a family of Red Junglefowls. In my excitement (this was a lifer for us!) I forgot to adjust the settings of my camera and so I only got one documentary shot of the male.

    After negotiating the entire length of the trail and dipping on our target species, we returned ...

  • Serene Birding At Twin Lakes

    Serene Birding At Twin Lakes

    We were off to Negros! I had some time off from school and was happy to be able to join Adri facilitate a birding workshop sponsored by the Department of Tourism and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

    The workshop venue was ideally situated at the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park in Sibulan, Negros Oriental. The participants were members of the local community, many already familiar with birds, birding and birdwatchers. It was a great group: knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun. The workshop was right at the doorstep of Lake Balinsasayao, a protected area which is a w ...

  • A Wonderful Day In Mount Banahaw

    A Wonderful Day In Mount Banahaw

    A good day on Mt Banahaw. Unfortunately Richard couldn't join me, so I headed off on my own, and picked up my guide Chris from the lodge. On the way up we passed flocks of Chestnut-faced Babblers, along with several calling Mountain Tailorbirds. The flowering plants had Colasisi, Metallic-winged Sunbird, Buzzing Flowerpecker, Pygmy Flowerpecker, Orange-bellied Flowerpecker.

    Once off the ATV trail I headed for the Whiskered Pitta site, this time the gully was quite dry and much less slippery than previously. On the way up a large mixed flock contained the following species; Yellowish White- ...

  • Makiling The Magnificent

    Makiling The Magnificent

    A fabulous day's birding on Makiling. Richard and I had arranged to meet at 5:30 and drive up to Agila camp, which we duly did. The road is being repaired so we had to dodge graders and the like on the way up. The good birds started early though, as Richard spotted a shape in the road which quickly flew off, we stopped and began the hunt, eventually there it was, Red-bellied Pitta. The light was terrible still, but we eventually both got onto it, a great start to the morning. At Agila camp we parked up, and started walking. Within 50 yards we had our first migrant of the day, a fantastic littl ...