Ashy drongo

Ashy drongo Dicrurus leucophaeus News

  • A Birdy Morning At Irawan

    A Birdy Morning At Irawan

    On our first full day in Puerto Princesa, we had a full day ahead. For our morning, we planned on an early start by birding at Irawan Eco Park. The last time I had attempted birding there was waaaaaaay back in 2009 during the bird festival! It wasn't a place I was familiar with, but Adri had been there several times.

  • Palawan Is Love

    Palawan Is Love

    It's my personal paradise... birding, beaches and the great outdoors! I was so excited that Adri and I finally got to fit a return trip to Puerto Princesa for a 5 day weekend at the end of November for an early wedding anniversary trip.

    Unfortunately, a cancelled flight made us lose an evening and a morning, but our optimism overtook our disappointment and soon we were in Puerto Princesa, ready to bird! I love Puerto Princesa!

    We picked up our rental car, picked up some supplies at the NCCC, found our way to our downtown inn, had our lunch, took a nap and... off we were! Our agenda for ...

  • Family Trip To Subic

    Family Trip To Subic

    A nice family trip to Subic, with a couple of mornings of birding thrown in, lovely. All the usual suspects were present, lots of Woodpeckers (Northern Sooty, White-bellied and Luzon Flameback), Bee-eaters (Rufous-crowned) and Kingfishers (White-throated, White-collared and Common), with Whiskered Tree-Swifts on the wires, and Brahminy Kites on the updrafts.

    Parrots were represented by Colasisi, Guiabero and Green Racquet-tails. A nice sighting was a Philippine Hawk-Eagle on the wires early on Monday. Other birds included; Coleto, Red-crested Malkoha, Bar-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike, Rufous Couc ...

  • Ashy Drongo

    Here is a video of an Ashy Drongo that Nicky videoscoped from Makiling a few months back. This is the subspecies leucogenis, a rare migrant to the Philippines, with just one other report a few years back in the local bird club's records. Incidentally, the previous sighting was also from the lowland forests of Mt. Makiling, Laguna. The other race leucophaeus shown below the video ranges only in Palawan where it is a common bird, often found in exposed perches. What big difference in terms of plumage! Possible split?