Banderahan Beach

Naval, Biliran

Banderahan Beach is located in Caray-Caray, Naval, Biliran, about 2.48 kilometers from the junction of the national road; 15 minutes from Naval.

It has a white sandy beach with mangrove and nipa palms blending in its landscape; view of the coast of Calubian, Leyte across Biliran Strait; ideal for swimming and picnicking.

Banderahan Beach News

  • Splash Around in Fun and Affordable Biliran

    Splash Around in Fun and Affordable Biliran

    Are you looking for a holiday destination that promotes the ultimate bathing experience? In the Philippines, it's possible to find such a place, at an affordable cost. In Eastern Visayas, there lies an island called Biliran. With different bodies of water surrounding its borders, the province is blessed with beautiful white sand beaches. However, these aren't the only attractions on this part of Pinas. Travel inland and you'll find gushing waterfalls and a cluster of therapeutic hot springs. Let's take a closer look at the natural wonders and scenic sites this destination has to offer.

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  • Bilirans Well known Tourist Attractions

    Bilirans Well known Tourist Attractions

    Adventurers and vacationers have long flocked to Biliran to partake in its many natural and man-made attractions. This island province has never ceased to amaze its visitors as fascinating beaches, islands, springs and waterfalls are showcased in this distant but enigmatic land.

    Biliran is an island province situated in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines. It is located just a few kilometers north of Leyte Island. Naval is the capital city of Biliran. It is one of the smallest and newest provinces in the country. Before, Biliran is a sub-province of Leyte. In 1992, the province a ...

  • Naval to launch Love Ko Ang Naval tourism slogan campaign

    Naval to launch Love Ko Ang Naval tourism slogan campaign

    "Love Ko Ang Naval" will be the official tourism slogan of Naval, the capital town of Biliran province.

    This was revealed by Marilou Bernardes-Lucente, president, Naval Tourism Council who is also the chairperson on the committee on tourism of the Sangguniang Bayan of Naval.

    Lucente said that the town's tourism slogan will be officially launched on June 24 at Banderahan Beach located in Barangay Caray-Caray this town.

    She said that the launching of Naval tourism slogan will be held in Banderahan Beach considering the tourism and historical significance of the place.

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  • Biliran Undiscovered paradise

    Biliran Undiscovered paradise

    Biliran is a small island located at the heart of the Philippines about 1,115 kilometers southwest of Manila. The island province is the 4th smallest province in the country measuring just 32 kilometers long and 18 kilometers wide. Although small in land area, the province is teeming with life and beauty, with its rich marine biodiversity, sweet-tasting water and idyllic country landscapes.

    The province is divided into 8 municipalities, including Maripipi which is a smaller island northwest of the mainland. Being surrounded by water, its economy is mainly dependent on fishing which produce ...