Timbac Burial Caves

Kabayan, Benguet

The Timbac Burial Caves are located in Kabayan, Benguet. Another mummy abode which can be reached by hiking from a jump off point along kilometer 52 of the Halsema Highway.

Timbac Burial Caves News

  • Visiting The Timbak Burial Caves In Kabayan Benguet

    Visiting The Timbak Burial Caves In Kabayan Benguet

    It took us no longer than 30 minutes from Mt. Timbak to the drop off site of Timbak Burial Caves. We got us a guide to show the way around. Likewise, it is also their function to keep the caves secured and undefiled. There were reported incidents of looting and vandalism and that is why each visitor must be registered.

    Going to the Burial Caves

    We followed the concrete stairs on our way down. The perimeter is fenced to protect the caves from possible animal attacks as well as to deter intruders. We were reminded to avoid shouting or make loud noises.

    We walked for around 15 minutes be ...

  • The Timbac Mummy Rock Shelters In Kabayan Benguet

    The Timbac Mummy Rock Shelters In Kabayan Benguet

    Just as we cannot mention Baguio without Burnham Park, we cannot talk about Mt. Timbac without touching on the Timbac fire mummies, which were kept and preserved in the Timbac Mummy Rock Shelters, or more fondly known as Timbac Caves.

    (Disclaimer: All photos are taken by me, unless otherwise indicated. Photo credits are given to Remi Roque and Mark Eric Licdan.)

    It took almost an hour's hike from the summit of Mt. Timbac to the road, where we haphazardly freshened up (thank goodness for wipes, lol) and then proceeded on another 30- to 45-minute walk (along the road, by the way) to where ...

  • Kabayan Eco-Cultural Adventure Timbac Burial Caves

    Kabayan Eco-Cultural Adventure Timbac Burial Caves

    The mummies in Mt. Timbac are placed at a high elevation of 2500 MASL facing Mt. Pulag. This is because the people of Kabayan believe in the ascension of the spirits of their elders to Mt. Pulag for it is the playground of the gods. They say that the preserved internal organs is a mark of distinction for the Kabayan fire mummies.

  • Benguet

    Home of the Igorots, this is a mountainous place that is good for a retreat, nature-tripping, or mountain-climbing. It was once just a part of the enormous Mountain Province. Eventually, Mountain Province was divided into four provinces and one of those provinces is Benguet. Lately, the term Igorots used to describe the tribes living in this area was changed to a more politically-correct term, the Cordillerans. What's amazing is that Cordillerans live in the mountains, but are very well-educated and very fluent in English. Baguio City used to be a part of the province but eventually became an ...

  • Origins of Benguet mummification

    Origins of Benguet mummification

    The sciences, both human and applied, are picking up from where oral traditions left off in explaining lingering questions over the practice of mummification in Benguet.

    But scholars and experts still differ over several key aspects of a practice that has been extinct for centuries. For instance, the jury is still out on the determination of the basic substance that would preserve the cadaver.

    Scientists from the National Museum sustain oral accounts that salt was the primary ingredient in preserving the remains of at least 12 mummies interred separately in the Timbac and Tinongchol rock ...

  • Gaze at the Alluring Beauty of Benguet

    Gaze at the Alluring Beauty of Benguet

    The people of the province of Benguet have held their culture and traditions close to their hearts even with the passing of the ages, and by staying true to their beliefs they have kept their unique way of life alive. Benguet remains a fascinating and exotic place that draws thousands of visitors year after year.

    Benguet is a landlocked province of the Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. Its capital is La Trinidad and borders, clockwise from the south, Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Mountain Province, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya.

    Baguio, a popular tourist dest ...