The Mansion

Baguio City, Benguet

The Mansion House is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. The mansion is located in the summer capital of the country, Baguio, situated around 5,000 feet asl in the Cordillera Central Range of northern Luzon.

Inside the Mansion is a mini museum housing memorabilia and works of art collected over its years of occupancy by the former presidents. Within t ...

he compound and adjacent to the Mansion is a two-story building which serves as the official residence of the Philippine President in Baguio City. A contingent of Philippine marines maintains the security of this large compound and you will see a some of them manning the guardhouse at the vicinity of the entry gate.

The Mansion News

  • Rainy Days In Baguio

    Rainy Days In Baguio

    Arrival: At around 5:30 AM, I arrived at the Victory Liner Terminal. It was raining hard. After a few minutes, Jessie came and gave me a big, welcoming hug. It was very comforting to see a familiar face.

  • Side Trip In Baguio During The Panagbenga Flower Festival

    Side Trip In Baguio During The Panagbenga Flower Festival

    Now that Panagbenga Festival is nearly approaching , you might consider giving Baguio a quick tour during the festival. Baguio has so many great places to offer and some of which can be access for free. So after witnessing the colorful street dances and grand float parades, you might consider visiting these places in Baguio.

  • City Of Pines Baguio City

    City Of Pines Baguio City

    After our Ilocandia Adventure, we directly went to the City of Pines ??" BAGUIO! From Vigan to Baguio is 4 hours and 30 minutes land travel. We left Vigan at 3 in the afternoon. As usual in the van we just took some rest. We stayed in Callalily Pension House and Apartment for 2 days and 2 nights. Our room was nice, it's an apartment-like room. Our room has 4 beds and many extra mattresses. You can cook and they have also a small kitchen and a balcony to the pines outside.

    Two of our friends didn't join our tour for our first day in Baguio because the girl was not feeling well probably becau ...

  • Chilling At The Summer Capital Of The Philippines, Baguio City

    Chilling At The Summer Capital Of The Philippines, Baguio City

    The long awaited Baguio trip finally happened for me and this group of friends. And this happened last January 28-29, 2017!

    Here are the things we did in Baguio:

    Breakfast in Z Café

    Chill at Café in the Sky

    Sadly, the patrol there told us that it was closed. We parked somewhere near and decided to enjoy the view. Mysteriously, a guy riding an old Adventure drove near us and told us that if we wanted to go to Café in the Sky, we needed to rent and he offered us a ride for 600php. We declined the offer though (something's fishy, eh?).

    Drink Hot Chocolate at Baterol

    There wer ...

  • Friends Pose At The Mansion And Ride A Jeepney In Baguio With Kala And Karin

    Friends Pose At The Mansion And Ride A Jeepney In Baguio With Kala And Karin

    Our Baguio experience was off to a good start with our early morning visit to Mine's View Park. Our friends also wanted to visit as much of the popular tourist sites as they can all in one day. But they also wanted to experience riding in our local jeepney.

    It was still early in the morning when we arrived at Wright Park where The Mansion was located. The gates were closed so we thought it was closed for the day. We were informed that they were in the middle of the flag ceremony so we also stood in attention as we waited.

    We went through the side gate and we saw the soldiers still in for ...

  • Twelve Hours In Baguio

    Twelve Hours In Baguio

    It was January 2017 and I yearned to spend one day ??" even just a few hours ??" of quality time with friends and fellow travel enthusiasts in a Facebook® group chat. We planned to spend two days and a night on a beach in an island about 30 to 45 minutes from port via a sea vessel. Just as with some plans, it did not go accordingly. The volatile weather came with winds that in turn spawned fierce waves, causing motorboat operators to observe caution and stay put. We needed another plan.

    Hency Joyce Gamara had much enthusiasm in pushing for a leisurely trip to happen. On January 1, she came ...