Mount Yangbo

La Trinidad, Benguet

Mount Yangbo, also known as Little Pulag, Mount Jambo, Mount Yangbaw, Mount Tawang, is in fact a series of high-rolling hills and serrated located in Barangay Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet. It is not a developed area where all you can see are cows grazing on grasses, some unique rock formations and a 360 degrees view of the Napa Valley and Baguio City.

Mount Yangbo or Mount Jumbo Little Pulag News

  • San Aabot Breaktime Mo? Mt Yangbew La Trinidad Benguet, Philippines

    First hike with arkibigans. Exam week, valentines day, independence day

  • Mt Yangbew Walkthrough, Benguet Philippines

    This is Mt. Yangbew in La Trinidad, Benguet(my hometown!) in the Philippines.

    My sister and I went to hike Mt. Yangbew back in November during the short holidays and it was a wonderful visit! A great panoramic view of mountains and the city at the top while being a nice and short 15-20 minute climb. And so we did happen to do this walkthrough while we were there!

  • Solo DIY Travel La Trinidad Benguet Philippines

    Day 4/30 - Northern Luzon Solo DIY Challenge.

    Tourist Spot of the Day

    a. Mt Kalugong Eco Park as I have said in my last post was a must go spot in La Trinidad because it has so many things to boast like its well-established picnic area where there are concreted tables and seats. It well decorated "Kasiljas" or comfort rooms and for cabins. There are also Ifugao Nipa Huts on display. And there is this cabin or café in the summit that captures the entire sunset scenery across the mountains. The best part are the rock formations where you can observe the distant La Trinidad Valley. Just be ...

  • Hiking In La Trinidad Mt Yangbew

    Hiking In La Trinidad Mt Yangbew

    To kickoff 2017, I returned to the Cordillera region with one of my closest friends, Jules. We wanted to take it easy so we decided to try a couple of short but very scenic trails in Benguet I found online (References posted below).

    Barangay Tawang in La Trinidad,the capital of the province of Benguet is less than an hour from Baguio city and features several accessible, scenic mountain trails - Mt. Yangbew (also known as Mt. Jambo), Tayawan view deck and Mt. Kalugong. These are all beginner-friendly or as the younger Pinoy millenials would say, pabebe-friendly.

    Since we were taking a ...

  • Mount Yangbew In La Trinidad Benguet

    Mount Yangbew In La Trinidad Benguet

    It was a cloudy Sunday morning. Low-lying clouds and mists have descended into the La Trinidad valley. So I decided to climb Mt. Yangbew to see what it's like up there with the clouds rolling and dancing all over it. I wasn't disappointed. Visibility was very low. You stand at the peak and you can only see just several meters in front of you.

    It was a weekend so there's a trickle of other hikers ascending the mountain. I met and conversed with a few of them. Most of them were a bit upset by the weather because the clouds have literally blocked the view of the valley and the surrounding Beng ...

  • September 2016 Tree Planting In Mt Yangbew

    A 3-minute coverage of the Tree Planting Activity at Mt. Yangbew, Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet on September 2, 2016 in celebration of the University's Centennial Anniversary.