Mount Ulap

Itogon, Benguet

Mt. Ulap is located in Barangay Ampucao, Itogon Benguet. The said mountain has been visited by several hikers as well as locals however the trail was officially launched by the municipality of Itogon last October 31, 2015.

Mt. Ulap has been documented as the highest peak among the seven peaks in Ampucao Ridge. The ridge is more popularly known as Philex Ridge, named after the bigges ...

t mining company in Itogon.

Mount Ulap News

  • Mout Ulap 2017 Benguet Philippines

    Conquered 3 mountains in a day!

    Mt. Ulap Eco-Trail in Itogon, Benguet is the perfect dayhike from Baguio City, only 40 minutes away from Burnham Park by public jeepney.

  • Mt Ulap, Itogon Benguet Philippines

    Mt. Ulap' Doon tayo kung saan ika'y akin,Sabay tayong humiga managinip 'Gising.

  • Mt Ulap Itogon Benguet

    Featuring the trip from Manila all the way to Baguio City up to the highlands of Itogon Benguet. Capturing the breathtaking scenery of Mt. Ulap in Barangay Ampucao - Sta. Fe, Itogon Benguet.

  • Stories On The Trail Mt Ulap

    Stories On The Trail Mt Ulap

    I was told to wait until 1:30 AM because of the traffic. It was only 11:30 PM, I was listening to Hill song while thinking of other means to kill time and how to effectively fight the lethargic feeling. Out of nowhere, I asked for an omen. I remembered The Alchemist. I remembered how the king told Santiago to look for omens for guidance on his journey. But I am also reminded that I don't need omens because I know The One who holds the future.

  • Dream Climb Mt Ulap Itogon Benguet

    Dream Climb Mt Ulap Itogon Benguet

    It was 25th of March 2017, when another dream of mine came to reality. This day, I was not only glad to make it true, but I was immensely satisfied with what I experienced: the picturesque views (wherever you turn your sight), an opportunity to make new friends, and entering an unspoiled world that has left me marveling at the memory of it.

  • Eco-hike Cum BMS Conducted In Mt Ulap

    Eco-hike Cum BMS Conducted In Mt Ulap

    A group composed of 12 from the different divisions of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources CAR went on a grassland ecosystem hike cum biodiversity monitoring last June 17, 2016.

    Following the "at most 10 per tour guide" hiking protocol, the group was divided into 2 before trekking Itogon's Ampucao-Sta. Fe Ridge, commonly known as Mount Ulap.

    The activity was conducted in coordination with Lower Agno Watershed Forest Reserve Protected Area Superintendent, Sandra Bias who gave tasks to both groups while they go through their expedition.

    Each team were tasked to list down ...