Mount Ulap

Itogon, Benguet

Mt. Ulap is located in Barangay Ampucao, Itogon Benguet. The said mountain has been visited by several hikers as well as locals however the trail was officially launched by the municipality of Itogon last October 31, 2015.

Mt. Ulap has been documented as the highest peak among the seven peaks in Ampucao Ridge. The ridge is more popularly known as Philex Ridge, named after the bigges ...

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Mount Ulap News

  • Eco-hike Cum BMS Conducted In Mt Ulap

    A group composed of 12 from the different divisions of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources CAR went on a grassland ecosystem hike cum biodiversity monitoring last June 17, 2016.

    Following the “at most 10 per tour guide” hiking protocol, the group was divided into 2 before trekking Itogon’s Ampucao-Sta. Fe Ridge, commonly known as Mount Ulap.

    The activity was conducted in coordination with Lower Agno Watershed Forest Reserve Protected Area Superintendent, Sandra Bias who gave tasks to both groups while they go through their expedition.

    Each team were tasked to lis ...

  • Mt Ulap Traverse To Sta Fe Day Hike DIY Guide And Itinerary 2017

    Name: Mt. Ulap or Cloud Mountain
    Jump Off: Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet
    Exit Point: Sta. Fe, Itogon, Benguet
    Features: Grassland and Pine ridges
    Elevation: 1846 MASL
    Difficulty: 3/9

    What a great summer day! A perfect day to start my mountaineering adventure. Hmmmm! Where to go next? Well, I would love to trek in a cold and breezy place under the scorching heat of the sun. One of the destinations in my bucket list is Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet where MT. ULAP is located. Mt. Ulap is a newly opened hiking haven located in Itogon. It was officially launched on October 31, 2015 and first welcom ...

  • Hike To Mt Ulap A Experience Of A Lifetime

    For a first time mountain explorer and hiker, Mt. Pulag is the most popular place in Luzon that offer an experience of a lifetime. The magnificent view of the Cordilleras mountain range can been seen up here the 3rd highest mountain of the Philippines from different angles. Aside from the breathtaking scenery of the gorgeous rolling hills, it also a home to a towering pine trees that provide natural shade during the day and a soothing cool breeze. On your way to the top, if your lucky enough you might meet some wild animals such as wild cows eating on the rich grassland and attacking wild boar ...

  • Hiking At Mount Ulap In Itogon Benguet

    Hiking at Mount Ulap in Itogon, Benguet the gateway to heaven!

  • Mt Ulap Itogon Benguet New Year Hike Gungal Rock Traverse To Brgy Sta Fe

    I know many have blogged and shared on social media their experience in Mt. Ulap. But as each experience is different, here's mine. It was special because it was my first hike this year 2017, January 2 to be exact, and extra- special because I hiked with a special someone. Naks! The weather was perfect and I celebrated new year's eve in Baguio so I didn't feel the stress of going here. Based on photos one might think that this mountain is in the middle of nowhere. Wrong! It is actually only 45 minutes away from Baguio City. Cool ayt? As cool as the weather here so hiking was a breeze.

    How T ...

  • Mount Ulap Benguet

    Mount Ulap which is located in Itogon, Benguet is one unique mountain I have climbed. It is different from the lush jungle feel that I was used to.

    This one has a lot of pine trees and the path is wide and open.

    Hiking here can be very relaxing if you are not in a hurry. The weather is cool although there is not much shade to protect you from the sun but this place can get very cloudy and foggy in the afternoon.

    If you are aiming to get a clearing for your photos. I would suggest that you start your hike very early in the morning.

    To go here just take a bus going to Baguio like ...