Mount Ulap

Itogon, Benguet

Mt. Ulap is located in Barangay Ampucao, Itogon Benguet. The said mountain has been visited by several hikers as well as locals however the trail was officially launched by the municipality of Itogon last October 31, 2015.

Mt. Ulap has been documented as the highest peak among the seven peaks in Ampucao Ridge. The ridge is more popularly known as Philex Ridge, named after the bigges ...

t mining company in Itogon.

Mount Ulap News

  • Trail Report From The Mt Ulap Eco-Trail Aka The Philex Ridge Trail

    The Mt. Ulap Eco-Trail ended up being my favorite hike from our one-month trip to the Philippines. It has the winning combination of great views, some nice climbs, and decent trail. Unfortunately, figuring out some of the practical information about the trail, such as how to get to the trail head using public transportation, ended up being a bit of a challenge. I’ve included some of those details in this post in case others may find it helpful.

    Despite my difficulty finding helpful logistical information regarding the trail, it turns out that the trail is really popular. There is a cap o ...

  • Mt Ulap Benguet Philippines

    First time to hike up a mountain, thought it was a good opportunity to make (my first YouTube) video. Hope you like it.

  • Benguet Miners Find A Bit Of Gold As Ecotourism Mountain Guides

    For decades, small-scale mining has been helping residents of Barangay Ampucao put food on their table. Tales of instant fortune from successful miners have drawn them to believe that, indeed, gold can be the answer to their prayers.

    Yet despite their persistence and hard work, most of these miners have remained poor due to income instability. Some of them couldn't find anything valuable for weeks and even months, leaving them in huge debt.

    "Sa small-scale mining kapag may natamaan kang high grade, puwede. Kapag wala kang natamaan, wala din. Swertehan talaga," said Macario, who has been ...

  • 5 Reasons Why People Hike To Mount Ulap

    Since social media posts featuring popular celebrities sharing their experience on Mount Ulap have gone viral, this Benguet peak has become a talked-about hiking spot in the Cordillera mountain range.

    On January 28, more than 2,000 people arrived Barangay Ampucao, Itogon — all of them wanting to see Ulap.

    ABS-CBN News checked out the mountain to find out the reasons why people would brave the approximately 9-kilometer hike just to reach the summit. Here's what we found out:

    For 'hugot'

    Hiking is not something that appeals to Ren, until actress Angel Locsin shared her photos of U ...

  • Mt Ulap Adventure 2016

    Please watch our Mt.Ulap adventure ( Itogon Benguet.) in HD! Hiked last October 30, 2016 and chose the "balikan" route which only ended up to the Gungal rock Mt. Ulap is located at Itogon Benguet, Philippines.

  • One Mountain Three Peaks Mount Ulap Itogon Benguet Philippines

    A 6-hour ascent and descent to one of Luzon's well known mountains in the Benguet province. Starting with a very dim trail, we ascent and conquered three peaks in the Ampucao trail.