Mount Tenglawan

Bakun, Benguet

Mount Tenglawan is located in Bakun, Benguet. It is a combination of the talahib trails in Batulao, the rainforest of Mt Makiling, the pine trails of Akiki and the mossy forest of Mt Napulauan. They will reach a height of approx. 1400 MASL before again down climbing to the foot of Tenglawan which is approx. 1000 MASL.

Mount Tenglawan News

  • Mt Tenglawan 1943masl Traverse To Ilocos Sur

    An emerging destination in the Cordilleras are three of the peaks in Bakun, Benguet. As the three most commonly climbed mountains in the town, they are fondly called ?Bakun Trio? and are usually climbed in one trip to maximize the journey.

  • Bakun Trio Feat Mt Tenglawan Kabunian And Lobo

    Sharing our three consecutive dayhikes on Bakun, Benguet, featuring the Bakun Trio (Mt. Tenglawan, Mt. Lobo and Mt. Kabunian).

  • Our Stormy And Limatiky Mt Tenglawan Climb

    Our Stormy And Limatiky Mt Tenglawan Climb

    During my Mt. Kabunian climb last year, I saw Mt. Tenglawan over the northern horizon I promised myself to climb it in due time.

    Our Kabunian Guide, Tita Segundo who was an efficient story teller told us folkloric tales about how Mt. Kabunian and Mt. Tenglawan came to be. According to her, Mt. Kabunian is the good mountain and Mt. Tenglawan is the opposite; meaning, the bad one. She warned us that before anyone would attempt to climb Mt. Tenglawan, she should climb Mt. Kabunian first. She relayed that at least one group of mountaineers suffered some misfortune because they climbed Mt. Ten ...

  • Bakun Trio Mt Tenglawan And Its Gorgeous Shape

    Bakun Trio Mt Tenglawan And Its Gorgeous Shape

    Among the Bakun Trio mountains, Mt. Tenglawan is the most difficult to hike because of its long terrain and assault, although its trail class and technicalities can be placed to moderate level. Tenglawan has an amazing shape, from afar (photo above). Based on how it looks and shape, this giant can be compared to Mt. Guiting-guiting in Romblon.

    Pine trees can usually be found on the higher altitudes, like Tenglawan, Mt. Ugo, Mt. Apo and others. Aside from the luscious green and clean surroundings, pines also give a huge factor why a mountain can be picture perfect. Photo below is clear evide ...

  • Hiking Adventures 18 Bakun Trio-Mt Lobo Tenglawan and Kabunian

    Hiking Adventures 18 Bakun Trio-Mt Lobo Tenglawan and Kabunian

    There's something in the mountains of Bakun that is very inviting. When I saw a post taken in Bakun, it really gave me an urge to go and climb its famous peaks. Lucky I got a chance to grab a slot on an open climb of MMS or Metropolitan Mountaineering Society, and the 3 days, 3 mountains adventure begins.

    I think this Bakun Trio open climb of MMS is the blockbuster among the others. There are 50 participants and I guess there are many others on the waiting list. Since we're many, the organizers hired a private bus that will bring us from Manila to Baguio and vice versa. Like a field trip in ...

  • Bakun Trio Benguet Mt Lobo Mt Tenglawan and Mt Kabunian

    The three big mountains that can be climbed in three consecutive days from the small village of Poblacion, Bakun, in Benguet.