Mount Tabayoc

Kabayan, Benguet

Mt. Tabayoc, in Kabayan, Benguet, is the second highest mountain in Luzon and the fifth in the Philippines. The meaning of the name, in the native tongues, is "basin", alluding perhaps to the four lakes in its base: Lake Tabeo, Lake Letep-ngepos, Lake Bulalacao and Lake Incolos. All the lakes can be visited together with a hike to Tabayoc.

With their crystal clear water, these can b ...

e reached by hiking through scenic Oak Forest that grew densely around the base of the mountain.

Bulalakao Lake has been awarded as a "Three time Consecutive Winner" under the Cleanest Lake for the Cordillera under the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran.

Mount Tabayoc News

  • Mt Tabayoc And Its Most Preserved Virgin Forest

    Mt Tabayoc And Its Most Preserved Virgin Forest

    One of the most prominent mountains in Luzon is Mt. Tabayoc because it is the second highest mountain in Luzon (2842 MASL) and is one of the most preserved virgin forest in the Philippines, with a rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna. Your hiking experience will definitely be rewarded with a breathtaking beauty of sea of clouds, artistic view of the surrounding terraces, a cool weather, a relaxing green ambiance, and a life changing tranquility by the lake. Also, there are a lot of mouth watering at lost cost and fresh harvest vegetables in the area.

  • Mt Tabayoc Adventures Kabayan Benguet PH

    I regret not doing much video on this hike but it still turn out pretty good. Mt. Tabayoc is one of the best hike I've done. The scenery is just fantastic!

  • Climb Guide At Mount Tabayoc

    Climb Guide At Mount Tabayoc

    After our Outreach Climb, a good number of us participants decided to climb Mt. Tabayoc, which at 2842+ MASL is considered to be the 2nd highest mountain in Luzon. Not to be outdone by its more famous and higher next door neighbor (Mt. Pulag), Mt. Tabayoc's claim to fame is its mossy forest that is supposed to be one, if not the most beautiful of its kind.

    Located just next to Mt. Pulag, Mt. Tabayoc is located in probably one of the wettest places in the Philippines. Hence, it is normal for hikers to get soaking wet when climbing Mt. Tabayoc. On the other hand, according to the locals livin ...

  • A Hike To Mt Timbak And Mt Tabayoc

    A Hike to Mt. Timbak(2717 MASL) and Mt. Tabayoc(2842 MASL) located in the province of Benguet the 3rd and 2nd highest Mountain in Luzon.

  • Top Ten Highest Mountains In The Philippines

    Over the past five years, I've developed a deep love for mountains. No matter the season or the location, there's something about when we talk about mountains. I regularly published a story together with my friends, where we shared same passion for mountains and how we got started. It was not an easy start at all. But when we looked back to our photos and see something like this, it's incredibly inspiring!. So let me share our journey to the country's ten highest mountains.

    1. Mt. Apo (Davao ??" North Cotabato) ??" (Sibungan Trail) considered as the highest mountain in the Philippines. Henc ...

  • The 10 Highest Mountains In The Philippines

    The 10 Highest Mountains In The Philippines

    Several years ago, a lot of people thought that Mt. Pulag is the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines, but with better documentation of the Mindanao mountains we were able to include the Bukidnon mountains, making for a better picture of the country's highest peaks: Pulag, it turned out, was third; the second is actually Mt. Dulang-Dulang, whose sister peak, Mt. Kitanglad, is 4th.

    The big update now is the documentation of the Piapayungan Range, which like the Kitanglad Range reveals a number of distinct mountains. In 2013, I successfully reached the summit of Mt. Ragang (2714m), and lat ...