Mount Purgatory

Bokod, Benguet

Mt. Purgatory is a great place to hike. Situated in Bokod, Benguet, the traverse offers beautiful landscapes and spectacular views of other mountains in Benguet.

Mt. Purgatory features hiking in the middle of long mossy forest, river side trekking and following pine forests trails.This traverse is about 25 kilometers and from here you can also have a good view of the famous Mt. Pul ...

ag. All in all, the Mt. Purgatory climb has a total of 4 peaks. Among these peaks are Pack, Purgatory and Komkompol.

The Mt. Purgatory traverse, though not popular, is a worthy climb and a rising must-climb destination.It is truly a place worth visiting especially to mountaineers who are searching for a great outdoor adventure.

Mount Purgatory News

  • Mt Purgatory Overnight Traverse: A Hike To Remember

    Mt Purgatory Overnight Traverse: A Hike To Remember

    When I decided to fire up my old laptop to write this short blog post, I found myself staring into a blank screen for long stretches of time. Like a bored ghost, the cursor blinked endlessly as the minutes went by. I was utterly clueless on how I should begin. Then I remembered a piece of writing advice I've read just several days ago. It suggested that if you're writing about a recent trip, you should jot down the most memorable parts of it then create a narrative around them.

    So I asked myself "what were the most memorable parts of my recent Mt. Purgatory climb" Several ideas came rushing ...

  • Mt Purgatory Traverse With OHMC Group In Bokod Benguet

    Mt Purgatory Traverse With OHMC Group In Bokod Benguet

    Mt. Purgatory, Mt. Pack and Mt. Komkompol are located in Bokod, Benguet as part of the hiking traverse through its mossy forest with a difficulty of 6/9.

  • Sagada Mt Pulag And Mt Purgatory Closed To Tourists

    The Cordillera Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC) has temporarily suspended starting Friday morning all tourism activities in Sagada, Mt. Purgatory, and Mt. Pulag.

    Frances Ivy Carasi, Office of the Civil Defense Cordillera (OCD-CAR) information officer, relayed the advisory from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Park and Management Office as well as the local DRRMC.

    The advisory states that hiking, trekking, and caving at the three favorite destinations in the Cordillera Region are temporarily suspended due to the threats of tropical storm Jolina.

    Mt ...

  • Mount Purgatory-Mangisi Traverse Outreach Climb

    Mount Purgatory-Mangisi Traverse Outreach Climb

    The Philippines. Throughout it's land is rich in natural resources. Land and water that wonders all around the archipelago create a perfect picture of whats in stored for you in this country. Cultural diversity thrive towards its people. Diversity that extends even to those who can afford a brand new house in an instant and those who just get what's enough to live by their daily lives.

    Team PasadaPH in cooperation with the Association of Bokod Adventure Eco Guides and gave back their love for three of the communities in Bokod, Benguet.

    Outreach? What is ...

  • Enchanting Mossy Forest A Detailed Guide To Mt Purgatory-Mangisi Traverse 2D1N

    Enchanting Mossy Forest A Detailed Guide To Mt Purgatory-Mangisi Traverse 2D1N

    Entry point: Japas Jumpoff, Bokod, Benguet
    Exit point: Brgy. Ekip, Bokod, Benguet

    LLA: 2290m (Mt. Pack); 2080m (Mt. Purgatory); 2329m (Mt. Komkompol)
    Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 1-3
    Features: Pine forests, mossy forests, Views of Benguet mountains

    Let's get this straight. Here's everything you need to know about Mt. Purgatory. (As of December 2016)

    -Registration/Environmental fee *P100
    -Guide ratio 1:7
    -Guide fee *P500/day
    -Porter fee *P500/day
    -Bunkhouse P500/night (for 10 pax) Additional P50 for every exceeding pax.

    Please coordinate with Mam Serfina (0 ...

  • Mt Purgatory Bokod Benguet Philippines Ukyat Paratut Mountaineers

    6 Mountains in one climb! Mt. Mangagew, Mt. Pack, Mt. Purgatory, Mt. Bakian, Mt. Komkompol, Mt. Tangbaw.
    November 12-13, 2016