Mount Pulag

Kabayan, Benguet

Mount Pulag (Pulog) is the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. It is Luzon's highest peak at 2,922 meters above sea level.

The mountain hosts 528 documented plant species. It is the natural habitat of the endemic Dwarf Bamboo, and the Benguet pine which dominates the areas of Luzon tropical pine forests found on the mountainside.

Among its native wildlife are 3 ...

3 bird species and several threatened mammals such as the Philippine Deer, Giant Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat and the Long-Haired Fruit Bat. Mount Pulag is the only place that hosts the 4 Cloud Rat species.

It has one of the most diverse biodiversity of the Philippines, with the newly found (since 1896) 185 grams Dwarf cloud rat, Carpomys melanurus, a rare breed (endemic to the Cordillera) and the Koch pitta bird among its endangered denizens.

On February 24, 1964, a large part of the mountain was designated as a National Park with Proclamation No. 56. This act aims to preserve the environment around the mountain due to threats from increased development such as conversion to agricultural lands, timber production, hunting, and increased tourism.

The Ibaloi people of Benguet mummify their dead and house in caverns in the mountain. The Kabayan mummy burial caves, one of the main attraction of the site, is considered as Philippine National cultural treasures under Presidential Decree No. 432.

There has been trouble in the paradise of Ibaloi lore. Large parts of Pulag's mossy forest where the dwarf cloud rat was found last year had been logged over in the 1960s, and only a few large trees remain standing today.

Mount Pulag National Park News

  • Mount Pulag In Benguet Closed On Weekends

    Benguet's highest mountain peak will be off-limits to hikers every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting this January until May 2018.

    The Mount Pulag National Park Protected Area Office posted this in its online page, as trekkers and hikers have already filled the slot during the weekends in a span of five months.

    But hikers and trekkers can still be accommodated in the national park from Monday to Thursday provided they schedule in advance. This came even with the continued plea from the local government of Kabayan to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to regulate ...

  • Mt Pulag Hiking Regulation Sought

    The mayor of Kabayan town in Benguet province has urged the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to regulate the entry of hikers wanting to climb Mt. Pulag, particularly during long vacations.

    Mayor Gideon Todiano said the measure aims to protect the remaining forest reserve in the frequently visited mountain.

    "We have observed the after effects on the remaining forest reserve of Mt. Pulag due to the volume of visitors trekking the mountain. This is the reason why we are calling on the DENR to create a system where visitors planning to come to Pulag may be regulated," T ...

  • Mt Pulag Shivers At 9C

    Mt Pulag Shivers At 9C

    Mt. Pulag in Kabayan, Benguet shivered at 9 degrees Celsius yesterday.

    The temperature is expected to further drop in the coming days, as the national park continues to lure trekkers to the mountain.

    Park managers have been trying to control the influx of tourists during peak seasons such as summer and Christmas.

    In previous years, Mt. Pulags temperature reached 2 degrees.

    Every afternoon, clouds brought by the northeast monsoon blanket the mountain, said to be the playing ground of Kabunian or god of the Cordilleras, according to Protected Area Superintendent Teber Dionisio.

    Th ...

  • Mount Pulag Via Ambangeg Trail Ideal For Beginners

    Mount Pulag Via Ambangeg Trail Ideal For Beginners

    Mount Pulag is a dream climb for me. I am lucky to have a chance to climb and see the famed Mount Pulag. This is my 4th climb. I feel uneasy about it. Though we were going on the easy trail via Ambangeg still it can be quite challenging. Nonetheless, Mount Pulag is on my bucket list. No plan on backing down from this.

  • Mt Pulag

    Mt Pulag

    Mt. Pulag is one of the most popular hiking destinations to most of mountaineers in the Philippines. Pulag means "kalbo" (bald) according to locals because of the absence of trees in the uppermost part of the the mountain. It is the highest mountain in Luzon and 3rd in the country (next to Mt. Apo and Mt. Dulang-dulang) and standing 2,926 meters above sea level. Pulag lies in the provinces of Ifugao, Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet. The mountain is also one of the richest biodiversity in the country and is known for its "sea of clouds" and "milky way galaxies view at night" til dawn.

  • Mt Pulag Hike, Sea Of Clouds Via Ambangeg Trail Philippines

    Sea of clouds sa highest peak in Luzon and 3rd sa buong Pilipinas - MOUNT PULAG!

    Sobrang ganda ng weather during our Mt Pulag Tour!
    2,922 meters above sea level, heaven!

    Ano nga ba muna yung mga kailangan nating pagdaanan bago natin ma-achieve ang mala-heaven na sea of clouds na 'to?

    Recommended: 3-5 layers ng clothing ~6? temp
    4 Trails to choose from we took the easiest! for your Mt Pulag Adventure
    ▪️ Ambangeg Trail a.k.a Celebrity Trail for beginners
    ▪️ Tawangan Trail
    ▪️ Akiki Trail a.k.a Killer trail
    ▪️ Ambaguio Lusod Tra ...