Mount Pulag

Kabayan, Benguet

Mount Pulag (Pulog) is the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. It is Luzon's highest peak at 2,922 meters above sea level.

The mountain hosts 528 documented plant species. It is the natural habitat of the endemic Dwarf Bamboo, and the Benguet pine which dominates the areas of Luzon tropical pine forests found on the mountainside.

Among its native wildlife are 3 ...

3 bird species and several threatened mammals such as the Philippine Deer, Giant Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat and the Long-Haired Fruit Bat. Mount Pulag is the only place that hosts the 4 Cloud Rat species.

It has one of the most diverse biodiversity of the Philippines, with the newly found (since 1896) 185 grams Dwarf cloud rat, Carpomys melanurus, a rare breed (endemic to the Cordillera) and the Koch pitta bird among its endangered denizens.

On February 24, 1964, a large part of the mountain was designated as a National Park with Proclamation No. 56. This act aims to preserve the environment around the mountain due to threats from increased development such as conversion to agricultural lands, timber production, hunting, and increased tourism.

The Ibaloi people of Benguet mummify their dead and house in caverns in the mountain. The Kabayan mummy burial caves, one of the main attraction of the site, is considered as Philippine National cultural treasures under Presidential Decree No. 432.

There has been trouble in the paradise of Ibaloi lore. Large parts of Pulag's mossy forest where the dwarf cloud rat was found last year had been logged over in the 1960s, and only a few large trees remain standing today.

Mount Pulag National Park News

  • Mt Pulag, What The Playground Of Gods Taught Us About Taking Things Slowly Via Akiki Trail

    Mt Pulag, What The Playground Of Gods Taught Us About Taking Things Slowly Via Akiki Trail

    WARNING: If you are looking for a detailed itinerary and summary of expenses of our Akiki-Ambangeg hike, feel free to scroll down to the last part of this post. You might find the next paragraphs to be overly dramatic and gross. HAHAHA.

  • Mt. Pulag Benguet Philippines

    Mount Pulag It is Luzons highest peak at 2,926 metres above sea level. The borders between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya meet at the mountain's peak.

  • Mt Pulag A Blessing In Disguise

    Mt Pulag A Blessing In Disguise

    It took me sometime to write this blog. I didnt even know if I should write about it. Because if anything, my Mt. Pulag climb was a big disappointment. However, it dawned on me that the disappointment was self-inflicted, because I put too much expectations. What happened was I expected everything from what Ive read and heard about Mt. Pulag: from the sea of clouds, astonishing sunrise to beautiful sceneries; all that was a no-show due to bad weather and almost zero visibility.

  • Sagada Mt Pulag And Mt Purgatory Closed To Tourists

    The Cordillera Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC) has temporarily suspended starting Friday morning all tourism activities in Sagada, Mt. Purgatory, and Mt. Pulag.

    Frances Ivy Carasi, Office of the Civil Defense Cordillera (OCD-CAR) information officer, relayed the advisory from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Park and Management Office as well as the local DRRMC.

    The advisory states that hiking, trekking, and caving at the three favorite destinations in the Cordillera Region are temporarily suspended due to the threats of tropical storm Jolina.

    Mt ...

  • Mt Pulag National Park Generates P4.2M

    Mt Pulag National Park Generates P4.2M

    Mt. Pulag National Park collected P4,186,433 from 20,820 local and foreign visitors during the first and second quarters of 2017.

    The collection for the first semester nearly surpassed the P4,734,096 collection last year from the 28,751 local and foreign visitors recorded, data from the Protected Area Management and Biodiversity Conservation Section (PamBCS) of the Mt. Pulag National Park and Protected Area Office.

    The collection covers entrance fees, rental/camping fees and administrative cost under Republic Act 10629 entitled An Act providing for the retention by the Protected Area Man ...

  • Ecotourism As Key To Sustainable Development In The Cordilleras

    Ecotourism As Key To Sustainable Development In The Cordilleras

    Trekkers have this to say: the day you watch the sun rise above the clouds atop Mt. Pulag, Luzons highest peak, is the day you fall in love with the rest of the world.

    The stunning vista of a new day rising at a unique vantage point from 2,922 meters above sea level has drawn thousands to the scenic Cordillera highlands that straddle the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya. Hundreds of thousands more are going to visit in the next days, weeks and months that the years ahead may prove extra challenging for the local communities to sustain.

    The Department of Environment and Nat ...