Mount Pigingan

Itogon, Benguet

Mount Pigingan is a new found mountain fascination located in Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet. It has an elevation of 1328 ASL. The peak is a bit slanting, bare, pointed and rocky.

Mount Pigingan News

  • A Day Hike Up Mt Pigingan In Itogon Benguet

    A Day Hike Up Mt Pigingan In Itogon Benguet

    Over the past several months, I have been high-key missing the great outdoors, specifically the mountains. It's just that time was a bit short and there weren't a lot of opportunities for me to do so. Or the lack of time made it so that I wasn't able to spot those opportunities. But on one of those very few times that I actually bothered reading through my Facebook feed, I saw an event organized by The Cordilleran Sun, and thought, "why the hell not?"

  • Mt Pigingan 1328m, Pinoy Mountaineer Itinerary

    Mt Pigingan 1328m, Pinoy Mountaineer Itinerary

    The hiking landscape in the Cordilleras has greatly expanded in the past few years, and among them are a growing number of dayhike possibilities from Baguio City. Among these, by far the most popular has been Mt. Ulap. For those wishing for a more serious dayhike, however or even a new, relatively-relaxing overnight hike theres Mt. Pigingan in Itogon, Benguet, just under the shadow of Mt. Ugo. Though a low-altitude mountain 1328m by Cordillera standards, this mountain, which means "slanted" in the local language, nonetheless possesses the elements of a classic hike in the region.

  • Mt Pigingan Day Hike Itogon Benguet Philippines

    It was a long and arduous day hike experience to Mt. Pigingan. The toughest day climb I've had so far as the trail was mostly uphill and steep. We were also beating the cold December weather of Benguet Province so it was really tough for us along the way.

    Too bad because I wasn't able to make it to the summit. My knees were ailing really bad and jelly-ish. I really wanted to go further but i didn't to take the risk.

    It was a total of 11 hours hike (with rests and lunch along the trail). But yeah the experience was all worth it!

  • Mt Pigingan One Of The Most Beautiful Mountains In Benguet

    Mt Pigingan One Of The Most Beautiful Mountains In Benguet

    It was going to be the birthday of Casimir and I was sure she would ask for a "birthday climb"!! Up to now, I really don't know how I evolved to be a sort of a climb event planner but gladly, I became. hahahaha!

    So I thought that if it's going to be a birthday climb, the mountain should be birthday-climb friendly. Meaning, it should be a gorgeous mountain, promising of some reward, and of course, instagrammable and facebookable memories hahaha!

    Still traumatized from our stormy & limatiky July Tenglawan climb, I had to mentally approach September as a worse month. Typhoons Ferdie and ...