Mount Kalugong

La Trinidad, Benguet

Mount Kalugong in La Trinidad is one of the most famous mountains in the whole area of Benguet Province. It is a potential natural attraction found in Barangay Tawang. The mountain provides an ideal view point of the La Trinidad Valley floor and the distant forested mountainsides. In the local dialect, "kalugong" means "hat", it was named after a rock formation resembling a hat at the top of the m ...


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  • Mt Kalugong La Trinidad Benguet VLOG Montage

    Mt.Kalugong montage in Benguet, Philippines.

  • Solo DIY Travel La Trinidad Benguet Philippines

    Day 4/30 - Northern Luzon Solo DIY Challenge.

    Tourist Spot of the Day

    a. Mt Kalugong Eco Park as I have said in my last post was a must go spot in La Trinidad because it has so many things to boast like its well-established picnic area where there are concreted tables and seats. It well decorated "Kasiljas" or comfort rooms and for cabins. There are also Ifugao Nipa Huts on display. And there is this cabin or café in the summit that captures the entire sunset scenery across the mountains. The best part are the rock formations where you can observe the distant La Trinidad Valley. Just be ...

  • Mt Kalugong Day Hike DIY Travel Guide

    Mt Kalugong Day Hike DIY Travel Guide

    Mt. Kalugong is located in the town of La Trinidad, Benguet. The rock formation on top of the mountain is iconic because it resembles a Cowboy's hat. The word "kalugong" in the local dialect means the hat.

    The hiking trail is a piece of cake. The road leading to the park are paved and located in a highly urbanized area. When we were kids there were fewer houses and more trees. The Kalugong Eco Park is a new addition to the area and was used for dirt bike and motocross racing in the past. The entrance fee is 50 PHP, I hope they would give discounts to students, children and the elderly. The ...

  • Tourist Sites In Tawang Village Named

    The consensus of elders of Barangay Tawang has identified five tourism destinations in their village -- Mt. Yangbew, Tayawan View Deck, Tinedkaw Cave, Stone Church and Mt. Kalugong.

    "The names of the tourist attractions located within the barangay were brought out for verification and were verified by the assembly," the barangay council resolution stated.

    Tawang village chief Denver Gomeyac, together with barangay officials through a resolution, identified the sites to ensure the development of tourism in the place.

    In the village lies Mount Kalugong, dubbed as the "Shangri La of the ...

  • Mount Kalugong And Mount Yangbo La Trinidad Benguet

    Mount Kalugong And Mount Yangbo La Trinidad Benguet

    If there's one objective I had when I started writing The Tale Of The Trail. It was to encourage people to enjoy the trails. It's not only for the fittest but it can be for everybody. Baguio-Benguet is rich in scenic trails that's both challenging and beautiful. We were on the lookout on trails nearby Baguio and we found two Mountain Trails in the area in Mount Kalugong and Mount Yangbo. Mount Kalugong was known for its rock formation while Mount Yangbo had that large track of brownish greenlands with an overlooking view of La Trinidad. The trail starting point for Mount Kalugong was at KM 8 i ...

  • A Walk In The Mt Kalugong Eco Park

    A Walk In The Mt Kalugong Eco Park

    The month of March marks the celebration of the Strawberry Festival of La Trinidad, Benguet, where I grew up and currently reside. As my way of celebrating the 2016 Panaspulan: La Trinidad Strawberry Festival, let me take you back to one of my revisits to one of La Trinidad's staples, Mt. Kalugong,just last month.

    I already blogged about this place in Echoes of the Past at Mt. Kalugong but since it was drizzling when we went there, no one was allowed to go up on the rocks, in case we slip and injure ourselves, or worse. So on an impulse, we decided to go there one Sunday afternoon.

    Our g ...