Lake Bulalacao

Kabayan, Benguet

Lake Bulalacao or Bulalakao, Lake Incolos, Lake Tabeo, and Lake Letep-ngepos are located in Kabayan, Benguet, at the base of Mt. Pulag. With their crystal clear water, these can be reached by hiking through scenic Oak Forest that grew densely around the base of the mountain.

Bulalakao Lake has been awarded as a "Three time Consecutive Winner" under the Cleanest Lake for the Cordill ...

era under the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran.

Lake Bulalacao or Bulalakao or Ambulalacao or Ambulalakaw News

  • Climb Guide At Mount Tabayoc

    Climb Guide At Mount Tabayoc

    After our Outreach Climb, a good number of us participants decided to climb Mt. Tabayoc, which at 2842+ MASL is considered to be the 2nd highest mountain in Luzon. Not to be outdone by its more famous and higher next door neighbor (Mt. Pulag), Mt. Tabayoc's claim to fame is its mossy forest that is supposed to be one, if not the most beautiful of its kind.

    Located just next to Mt. Pulag, Mt. Tabayoc is located in probably one of the wettest places in the Philippines. Hence, it is normal for hikers to get soaking wet when climbing Mt. Tabayoc. On the other hand, according to the locals livin ...

  • Kabayan Eco-Cultural Adventure Kabayans Four Lakes

    Kabayan Eco-Cultural Adventure Kabayans Four Lakes

    First on the team's itinerary was to witness the sunrise along Ambuklao Road overlooking the Ambuklao River. By the time we reached Brgy. Poblacion in Kabayan, we were already up for an adventure. We immediately headed to the four lakes which is part of the Mt. Pulag National Park. The Ibalois and Kalanguyas of Kabayan hold high regard for the folklores and stories surrounding the four lakes. First in our destination was Lake Tabeo. Lake Tabeo is located at the foothill of Mt. Tabayoc which is the second highest mountain in Luzon.

    On our traverse going to the second lake, we were able to wi ...

  • Part 2 Mt Pulag Registration And Funny Sidetrip To Ambulalacao Lake

    Part 2 Mt Pulag Registration And Funny Sidetrip To Ambulalacao Lake

    The real adventure started this day, I was very excited yet so skeptical because I know today will be tough but optimistically, this day would be history.

    If you wonder how we got here, please refer to the Part 1 of this series: Part 1: First Major climb in Mt. Pulag

    Day 2 ??" Registration and Funny Sidetrip to Ambulalacao Lake

    I had a good sleep at Pinecone Lodge, Poblacion, Kabayan because of the exhaustion from yesterday's whole day travel. Accompanied by the natural chills, sound of the water stream from the small river beside the lodge. We woke up around 07:30 and prepared for br ...

  • Mt Tabayoc Four Lakes Tabeo Ambulalakao Incolos and Letep ngapos and Junior Pulag

    Mt. Tabayoc is located in Kabayan, Benguet Philippines.

  • The 4 Lakes of Kabayan Benguet Philippines

    The 4 Lakes of Kabayan Benguet Philippines

    Kabayan is a fourth class municipality in the province of benguet, Northern Philippines. It is said to be the home of the Kabayan mummies, mystical 4 lakes and Luzon's highest peak of Mount Pulag. Long before it was known or named, this quaint town was a thickly forested and mountainous settlement. The whole place was completely covered with pine trees, virgin oaks, and much higher, by the grassy height of Mount Pulag.

    Kabayan is located along the Agno River, most easternly of Benguet Province and within the towering presence of Mount Pulag. It is approximately 335 kilometers north of Man ...

  • Kabayan schedules another peak climb

    Kabayan Mayor Faustino Aquisan is preparing for another climb. Aquisan said the climb to Mount Tabayok is set on February 20 to 21.The mountain is the fifth highest in the country at 9,322 feet above sea level.

    Aquisan said the climbers will now be limited to 75 for the two-day trek, learning from last December's climb up Mt. Pulag.

    The tour will be an opportunity for mountaineers, hikers, and nature lovers to view the Tabeyo Lake, Letepngepos Lake, Incolos Lake, and the multi-awarded cleanest inland Ambulalakaw Lake.

    Aquisan said participants will have the chance to get a glimpse of ...