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  • Mount Pulag Ambangeg Trail Guide And Itinerary

    Mount Pulag Ambangeg Trail Guide And Itinerary

    Mount Pulag ??" I'm sure that every veteran mountaineer, newbie hikers, trekker and travel enthusiast here in the Philippines had once a "Mount Pulag" on their bucket list. Mount Pulag is probably the most visited mountain here in the Philippines because of its undoubtedly magnificent scenery, marvelous grassland, the sea of clouds and the Milky way galaxy that you could actually see at the dawn by the naked eye even if you don't have a DSLR camera. The beauty of this Majestic mountain is ineffable. Mount Pulag is Luzon's highest peak and country's third highest mountain with an elevation of 2 ...

  • Experience Mt Pulag Benguet Philippines 2016

    It's More Fun in the Philippines.

    Mount Pulag It is Luzon's highest peak at 2,926 metres above sea level. The borders between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya meet at the mountain's peak.

  • Mt Pulag Benguet

    The highest mountain in Luzon and the third highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt Pulag, Ampucao Benguet.
    -Akiki Trail in 3days and 1 Night.

    January 16-18, 2016
    Dream Come True! Ilang years namin to pinangarap madami kaming plano dito akala namin ilang taon pa namin to maakyat, and nakakatuwa lang kasi this is our third mountain climbing, Yes third palang nung inakyat namin. Kaya sobrang thankful at blessed kami napakadakila ni lord nakagawa sya ng ganitong gandang bundok.

    Napakadaming memories namin dito Hihi! Love and Love lang!

  • Overcoming My Fear Of Mount Pulag

    Overcoming My Fear Of Mount Pulag

    This is how you will enter the playground of the gods: with sleep in your eyes and dread rising in your gut at the prospect of a four-hour hike, a freezing campsite, and an early wake-up call.

    At least that's what was going on in my mind just before the hike up Mount Pulag.

    This wasn't my first time to climb Luzon's highest peak (standing at 2,922 meters above sea level it is the 3rd highest in the Philippines). I had last visited in December 2013, and while the company had been fun, the trip itself had left me disappointed and a little bit traumatized. It had rained all throughout our t ...

  • Visiting The Timbak Burial Caves In Kabayan Benguet

    Visiting The Timbak Burial Caves In Kabayan Benguet

    It took us no longer than 30 minutes from Mt. Timbak to the drop off site of Timbak Burial Caves. We got us a guide to show the way around. Likewise, it is also their function to keep the caves secured and undefiled. There were reported incidents of looting and vandalism and that is why each visitor must be registered.

    Going to the Burial Caves

    We followed the concrete stairs on our way down. The perimeter is fenced to protect the caves from possible animal attacks as well as to deter intruders. We were reminded to avoid shouting or make loud noises.

    We walked for around 15 minutes be ...

  • Mt Pulag At Benguet Philippines

    Ang Bundok Pulag ay ang ikatlong-pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas. One of the foremost adventure destinations in Northern Luzon,the best part about joining this tour is getting to see this wonderful place with the magnificent company of your awesome friends-yet-to-meet,and our heavenly father as our guidance.