Eddet River

Kabayan, Benguet

Eddet River is located in Kabayan, Benguet.

Eddet River News

  • Mount Pulag Wandering Above The Clouds

    Mount Pulag Wandering Above The Clouds

    Climbing the roof of Luzon for the second time was a dynamite. The first time I scale this mountain via Executive trail was very memorable. Though we were not lucky enough to witness the famous sea of clouds at the summit, the whole journey was worth it.

    Mt Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon and the third highest mountain in the Philippines which stands 9,600 ft above sea level. It is known for its Milky Way Galaxy treat at dawn and one of a kind sea of clouds you would ever see if you're lucky.

    There are four established trails going to the top. 1) The Ambangeg or Executive trail (4-5 h ...

  • This Is Mount Pulag

    This Is Mount Pulag

    This was in 2015. A challenging trek to one of the highest mountains in the Philippines, Mount Pulag. Friends I've met from outreach events invited me to join a climb via Akiki trail to this mountain.

    I haven't been to a lot of climbs, though I seek adventure every now and then. We prepared for this climb in advanced. We assigned everybody things to bring. I've volunteered to bring a tent good for 5 people.

    We were advised on what necessities to add on top of the usual mountain gears: gloves, dry bags, plastic bags, jackets, socks and a headlamp or flashlight. Most of these are protectio ...

  • Year Starter Hike To Mt Pulag Via Akiki-Ambangeg

    Year Starter Hike To Mt Pulag Via Akiki-Ambangeg

    Hi everyone! Last January 7-8, my friends and I were trekking Luzon's highest mountain and the Philippines' third highest mountain ??" Mt. Pulag. It was also January of 2016 when I first ascended this mountain via the "killer trail" Akiki and descended via Ambangeg. At first, I was still hesitant to join because I already scaled the mountain via the same trails and second, I could not forget how I was extremely bothered by the cold temperature at the top (Sorry Queen Elsa. Lol.). When I was really conflicted, this conversation with my friend helped me decide:

    Mountain Stats:

    Elevation: 2 ...

  • Mount Pulag Hike Into The Clouds

    Mount Pulag Hike Into The Clouds

    Dubbed as the highest peak in Luzon, and renowned for its magnificent sea of clouds; it is clear why several wanderers, would like to have their own tale of a triumphant climb to Mt. Pulag.

    2 weeks after my first major hike in Mt. Purgatory, I joined another unforgettable adventure with the UGAT Mountaineers. That time, the goal was to conquer the country's 3rd highest peak (2926 MASL, as updated) via Akiki-Ambangeg Trail.

    The Hike

    Day 1

    Registration and initial briefing were made at the DENR office. Hikers were given an overview of Mt. Pulag: the different trails; local culture; ...

  • Mount Pulag Akiki Trail an Adventure-Filled Valentines Climb Part 1

    Mount Pulag Akiki Trail an Adventure-Filled Valentines Climb Part 1

    How do we celebrate Valentine's Day? We usually stray away from the usual intimate candlelit dinners or 5-star hotel stays. As avid adventurers, we tend to find more romance and excitement on scenic mountain trails, on treacherous rock walls, under blue waves or in unknown places. Somehow, the beauty of Mother Nature, the feeling of vulnerability and nakedness in the wilderness, the sense of extreme adventure, and the opportunity to stand by each other in the face of the unknown all brew together as a great opportunity for us to love, care, and really understand each other's souls.

    That's e ...

  • Hiking Mount Pulag In a Day Akiki Ambangeg Trail

    Hiking Mount Pulag In a Day Akiki Ambangeg Trail

    On my 3rd visit to Mt. Pulag, I reunited with hiker friends, Gid of Pinoy Mountaineer, Jenny, Vinci and Koi. :) Our route was via the Akiki-Ambangeg , a 16 Kilometer trail that is estimated to take around 8 hours on a steady pace, short breaks and with smaller packs. The Akiki is known to be notoriously steep while Ambangeg trail with its rolling terrain, is commonly taken by hikers who want to take an easier approach to its summit.

    The usual itinerary for this route is 3D 2N as most are keen on witnessing the sea clouds at the summit during sunrise. Our group on the other hand opted for a ...