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  • Mount Purgatory-Mangisi Traverse Outreach Climb

    Mount Purgatory-Mangisi Traverse Outreach Climb

    The Philippines. Throughout it's land is rich in natural resources. Land and water that wonders all around the archipelago create a perfect picture of whats in stored for you in this country. Cultural diversity thrive towards its people. Diversity that extends even to those who can afford a brand new house in an instant and those who just get what's enough to live by their daily lives.

    Team PasadaPH in cooperation with the Association of Bokod Adventure Eco Guides and gave back their love for three of the communities in Bokod, Benguet.

    Outreach? What is ...

  • Reaching The Summit Of Mount Mangagew

    Reaching The Summit Of Mount Mangagew

    Situated in the Cordillera mountain ranges and is part of the Purgatory-Mangisi traverse, Mt. Mangagew is the first among the series of mountain ranges in Bokod, Benguet.

    It stands at an altitude of 5741 ft. above level and has a total of 840 ft. altitude gain from the jump off point. The trail is mostly straightforward which is composed of endless pine trees and the slope is a continuous ascent with almost no flat stops.

    Upon reaching the summit, one will see a village, school, store and even a catholic chapel. Vegetable and crop plantations can also be seen along trails which offers a ...

  • Mt Purgatory Bokod Benguet Philippines Ukyat Paratut Mountaineers

    6 Mountains in one climb! Mt. Mangagew, Mt. Pack, Mt. Purgatory, Mt. Bakian, Mt. Komkompol, Mt. Tangbaw.
    November 12-13, 2016

  • Mt Purgatory 6 Peaks 2 Days November 2016

    Mount Purgatory Traverse
    6 PEAKS 2 Days
    Josh With Team Aloha

    Thank you Maam Christine, Sir Crisanto Sir Excell and sa Buong Aloha Team for this wonderful experience! Next Stop: Amuyao! Yey!

    Thank you din for sharing your pictures! Maam Herschelle Maam Oleah and Sir BeRn!

    Sa susunod na pagahon ulet! Maraming Salamat sa mga bagong kaibigan!

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  • Mt Purgatory 2016 In Bokod Benguet

    Our climb to Mount Purgatory located in the municipality of Bokod, Benguet, Philippines.

  • Mt Purgatory Mangisi Traverse

    Mount Purgatory Mangisi Traverse located in Bokod, Benguet, Philippines.